How I organized my wedding in Stockholm

Organizing a wedding is an overwhelming task. Now that I’ve been through it I can confirm it. Since I like a good challenge, bonus points to me for organizing a wedding in Stockholm while living 200 Km away. When you are a control freak thrifty at heart like me, hiring a wedding planner is not an option. So around a year before the actual date I set the wheels in motion and started planning my Stockholm wedding on my own. Here are some tips from my experience as my own wedding planner in Sweden. Continue reading

My wedding photo shoot at Haymarket by Scandic Stockholm

My wedding photo shoot at the beautiful hotel Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm. We took our wedding pictures in the lobby and at the bar Americain. Haymarket is a wonderful location for wedding photography in Stockholm.

When planning our wedding in Stockholm, finding a good place for our wedding photo shoot was among my priorities. The weather in Sweden can always be an unpleasant surprise (especially in the summer), so I wasn’t counting much on taking our wedding photos outdoors. Since we decided to stick around the city centre, I was also afraid that most places would be swarmed with people, especially in case of good weather. For my wedding photo shoot I wanted a place that could grant some beautiful backgrounds to our photos as well as some intimacy during the shooting. I found the perfect place in the hotel Haymarket by Scandic. Continue reading

Why Stockholm (a love story)

I came to Sweden with my partner 4 years ago. It was the morning of an August day in 2014 when we drove our car out of the cargo of a Stena Line ferry and onto Swedish soil. We had just spent the night crossing the Baltic Sea, leaving pieces of our lives behind. The day before we had packed all of our belongings, 2 years of life in Poland, into our car and set off for this new chapter. It was the port of Karlskrona that welcomed us, and where it all began. Continue reading

A night at the ostrich farm Sahlins Struts in Borlänge

Say Dalarna and the mind pictures lush green forests, red wooden houses, lakes. Add the word animals and the horse, the famous Dala horse, might be the first to come to mind, followed by something wild like moose. Yet, among the tourist attractions that involve animals in Dalarna there is one that is a bit more unexpected. It’s a farm located just outside Borlänge that since 1994 has been herding ostriches: Sahlins Struts. Located on a property that has been owned by the same family for over a century, Sahlins Struts is more than just an ostrich farm. Continue reading

Where to eat Polish food in Krakow

So you find yourself in Krakow, the charming second largest city in Poland, and you wonder what it has to offer in terms of food. Krakow is very international and you can really find it all. From sushi to Mexican, from Italian to Ukrainian, Hungarian or even an American bakery, Krakow has it all. And it does not disappoint either when it comes to the local cuisine. You can find many options in town where you can sample authentic Polish food in Krakow, and in this post I am presenting an overview of some such eateries. These are all trusted places where I used to eat when I was an expat in Krakow, and love to recommend. Continue reading

Blackberry gin and tonic with pink tonic water

Blackberry gin and tonic with pink tonic water

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new cocktail this summer, may I suggest blackberry gin and tonic. Blackberries have this deep, almost bitter sweetness (couldn’t phrase it in any better way than an oxymoron) that complements the juniper tones of gin. Depending on the kind of gin you use, you may add a lime wedge or a cucumber slice in your cocktail. In the case of blackberry gin and tonic it’s all about the tonic water of choice, instead. For this version of the cocktail I strongly recommend the use of pink tonic water to enhance the flavour of the berries. Continue reading

Vegan panna cotta with coconut milk and cardamom

Vegan panna cotta with coconut milk and cardamom

I have written multiple times that I am a big fan of panna cotta, a dessert that actually originates from the very region in Italy I’m from, Piedmont. Classic panna cotta is made with dairy cream and gelatin sheets, two elements that make it quite non-suitable for vegans. While I am not a vegan, I love being able to treat all my guests and I felt like I needed to be able to make one type of panna cotta that could cater to dairy-free and animal gelatin-free friends. The combination of agar agar and coconut milk yield this wonderful vegan panna cotta. It is flavoured with cardamom for some extra flavour. Even non-vegans will love it (I do!). Continue reading

Black olive paté on bruschetta

Black olive paté, or black olive paste, spread on bread is one of those lovely alternatives to the classic garlic and tomato bruchetta topping.

Black olive paté, or black olive paste, is just one of the many toppings that you can use to make bruschetta. When I have stale bread, bruschetta is my go-to way of using it up. A quick roast in the oven to make it crispy again and then I get creative with all kinds of toppings. Classic bruschetta is made with a generous rub of garlic, olive oil and freshly chopped tomatoes, but there are many other possibilities to expand your bruschetta game. Various variants of pesto work wonders on crispy bread, as long as they feature a generous amount of olive oil. Olive oil is key. Black olive paté on bruschetta is one of those lovely alternatives to garlic and tomatoes. Continue reading

Holy chunky guacamole!

chunky guacamole

Guacamole is one of my all-time favourites. I could eat it with anything. My love is not just for the avocado alone, but for that wonderful combination of avocado, lime and cilantro. These three ingredients together – well, add a pinch of salt to that, too – are all I need for a quick dip for my nacho chips. But things can get much better from there. Add a bunch of other delicious flavours in tiny bits and you will get this wonderful chunky guacamole that will take your tacos to the next level. Continue reading

Raspberry Prosecco slushie, a refreshing cocktail

A refreshing combination of alcohol and frozen berries, raspberry Prosecco slushie is my favourite cocktail for the summer.

Oh the days are warm and it couldn’t be a better time for some fruit-based refreshment. My favourite lately is a combination of alcohol and frozen berries, raspberry Prosecco slushie. I would like to say that it all started one day when I was in Norrköping visiting my friend Eleonora, but it all actually started a little earlier. Just before I travelled south to go visit my friend I had stumbled upon Prosecco-based slushies on Pinterest. Of course, Pinterest is the source of all food inspiration in the world. Too bad I didn’t have any Prosecco at home. Continue reading