Budapest, a story of coffee and wine


Everybody had told me that Budapest is beautiful. It really is. I visited the Hungarian capital in 2013, a stopover during a road trip from Krakow to Turin with stops in Hungary, Slovenia and Trieste, an itinerary along some key places of the Habsburg Empire. Again, just like when I had visited Vienna, one of my main interests in this trip had been a cake. It’s always cake that drives me to the former Austro-Hungarian Empire! But let me start from the beginning… Continue reading

Lemony yoghurt loaf cake


There are only a few little pleasures in life that can compare with whipping up an easy cake from scratch. Little effort, few ingredients, a simple procedure and your house suddenly smells like something sweet is baking in the oven. Even as experienced as I like to consider myself – on a domestic level, of course – and despite the fact that I enjoy the challenge of a complex recipe, I find that getting busy with a simple cake sometimes can be even more rewarding. Continue reading

Salmon quinoa salad

salmon quinoa basil salad

Last year I started adding quinoa more and more into my eating habits. It’s an excellent alternative to pasta or rice, and works perfectly in salads, so to my taste cold is when this grain is at its best. One day out of boredom I came up with the recipe I’m featuring in this post. I’m sure I didn’t invent anything new and this combination of flavours already existed, but I did not look for any inspiration prior to making this salad. I basically used what I had available at home that day. Continue reading

Parkour in the forest


Our most recent guest was a friend of my boyfriend’s that happens to be a professional gymnast who also does parkour. When I took him on a walk in the lovely forests around our house and he sampled the soft texture of the moss under his feet he felt the urge to take a few jumps and asked me to take some photos. The disappointment for the total lack of snow (between Christmas and New Year’s temperatures went anomalously up and all the snow suddenly melted, and with it the hope to see a winter wonderland visiting us at this time of the year) turned into a good opportunity to jump around the forest. Continue reading

Mulled wine


I come from a little village located in one of the many valleys that cut through the Italian Alps. Although down in the valley we don’t get much snow, the winters are cold and snow tops the tall mountains all around. Once a year, on the night of Christmas Eve, the whole village gathers in the church for midnight mass. After the service, people linger in front of the church and take their time to catch up with friends and wish one another a merry Christmas. To fight off the cold and make this moment even more idyllic, mulled wine is served for free. Continue reading

Up close and personal – 2016 in review


So another year has come to an end, marking two and a half years since I moved to Sweden. From this point of view, I can see how 2016 has brought progress and I am thankful to see that hard work keeps paying off. It’s time for another more personal blog post related to my life (in Sweden), a post less about food or photos and more about myself. More food will come, more photos from beautiful places, too, but today it’s a bit more about myself. For a change. Continue reading

A foodie’s guide to Krakow


Krakow is the second largest city in Poland. It is a very important place for me for two reasons. First, it is where my mom was born and where my maternal family still lives. All my life I have always been spending a month every year in Krakow visiting family (my parents’ annual leave, basically). Second, I have lived in Krakow myself for two years and a few months, between 2012 and 2014. Over those two years I got to explore the city much more than I did as a kid and found a few places I like to back go to whenever I come back.

Continue reading

Eggless chocolate cupcakes


For the last week of school before the Christmas break I decided to treat my mentor class to some home-made cupcakes. This is a habit I’ve held dear ever since I started finding myself in a work environment, that is to say my intern days in Toronto. My first batch of Christmas cupcakes was crafted for my office mates one December day in Canada. More Christmas cupcakes have followed when I was working in another office in Poland, this time not as an intern but as an actual employee. It had become a habit that on the last week of work before Christmas I would treat my colleagues to cupcakes. Continue reading

Ischoklad: winter’s chocolate


Whenever asked what is the thing I miss the least about Italy, my home country, my first answer is always the climate. Summers are too hot, winters are not snowy enough, and it’s generally too humid year round. There is only one small fraction of the year in which I miss the region I’m from – Piemonte, in the north-west – and that is around the second week of October, when the autumn colours explode under the best shade of blue the sky can get. Other than that, I don’t like the climate in Italy. Continue reading