Sun-dried tomato and ricotta pesto

sundried tomato ricotta pesto

Since I recently gave up on store-bought pesto and started making my own, I decided it is worth at this point getting a little more creative and going beyond fresh basil. Another type of pesto that is quite popular in Italy is pesto rosso, which literally means red pesto, whose main ingredients are (cherry) tomatoes and ricotta cheese. Another variation is sun-dried tomato pesto. I decided to go for a combination of both. Continue reading

That time I got sick at 10.000 metres

united arab emirates passport stamps

As a person who loves to travel, I have logged a considerable amount of hours spent on a plane, especially over the past ten years of my life. Since I have mostly traveled around Europe, most of my flying experience is short-haul on planes no larger than a B737. Despite my irrational fear of takeoffs (I really dislike that feeling of weightlessness as the plane breaks the laws of gravity) and the uncomfort of the occasional light turbulences, I can say that I actually like to fly and have enjoyed every time I have been airborne. Except for one time, when I got seriously ill in the middle of a six-hour flight. Continue reading

Sachertorte, my Viennese challenge


It was the spring of 2012, a bunch of lovely warm and sunny April days, and I was finally visiting the capital of Austria with my parents. Together we had crossed Austria at least thirty times before, while travelling from Italy to Poland by car, but had never stopped to explore Vienna. Then cheap airlines happened and we kind of stopped travelling to Poland by car, so the occasion never arose until we decided to drive again in 2012. I said I’d go only if we finally made a proper stopover in Vienna. Continue reading

Cinnamon sweet bread loaf


I recently ventured into making sweet breads together with my mom, who literally obsessed over blueberry-filled buns, something she used to love a lot back in Poland. Blueberry season is in full swing right now in Sweden and my mom is going out for walks everyday, and everyday she comes back with a bucket full of the above-mentioned little fruits. After checking a few recipes to make the buns she had been dreaming of, we settled for a nice dough that opened up various other possibilities for us. Continue reading

Blueberry tart with a crumbly top

fresh blueberry shortcrust tart

Just like last year, we are swarmed with blueberries these weeks. One can’t just go for a walk without kneeling down and picking some. Just like last year, I have rediscovered how much I love picking blueberries. I find it extremely relaxing and fulfilling: you are close to nature and you get back home with a bucket full of vitamins. Moreover, this gets me creative in the kitchen, as I like to turn my berries into pie fillings. Continue reading

Baked rainbow trout with lavender


Among the perks of the Swedish summer there certainly is the possibility to go fishing, making the most of the many many lakes found in the country. Fishing is not really my thing, but both my dad and my boyfriend love it so in the past weeks this is something that we have been doing from time to time. I usually spend time collecting blueberries in the forest or just relaxing and reading by the lake. Continue reading

Caramelized onion relish for hamburgers


To me, August is peak grilling season. Or at least it was, until last year. Last year August was splendid: warm, sunny, perfect for eating outside. This year August is giving me mixed feelings about the eating outside part: colder, rainier, definitely not BBQ-friendly. Still, when you want your August to feature hamburgers you gotta do something about it, so when rain is disrupting your grilling plans, hamburgers will be cooked in the pan and hamburger night will happen anyhow. Continue reading

A belated anniversary hazelnut cake

ferrero rocher hazelnut cake

This blog was started on July 19, 2015. One year later, on the same day, I was too busy travelling back to Sweden to celebrate Electric Blue Food’s first year. July 19 is also a day that I usually spend baking, as it also happens to be my boyfriend’s birthday (the fact that I started blogging on his birthday was absolutely random). Again, spending the day on the road, I didn’t get to bake and ended up procrastinating also his birthday cake, along with the anniversary blog post. I know, bad me. Continue reading

Basil cashew pesto


As an Italian expat, among the things that I miss the most living abroad there is easily accessible quality Italian food. I’m not too picky and I will eat the mascarpone and the mozzarella that I can find here, but in Italy even the lowest priced brands of such products surpasses in quality what I find here. One thing I am finding hard to buy where I live, for example, is good pesto. Continue reading