A tourist in my own country

Let me be a tourist in my own country and appreciate what visitors from all over the world love about Italy. Here’s a selection of pictures from my latest vacation. Besides visiting both familiar places and faces, I also got to travel a bit and see something new. At the beginning of my stay I visited Les Arcs, on the French Alps, while towards the end of my stay we visited Gaeta, a coastal town that lays halfway between Rome and Naples. It was especially in Gaeta that I allowed myself to be a tourist.

The food, the sea, the food, the sea, more food, more sea. In this gallery: pizza, gelato, mozzarella di bufala and deep-fried fish. While the photos of food all come from different moments throughout my stay in Rome, the other pictures are from the trip to Gaeta. And although I’m more of a mountain person and I don’t really have a deep love for the sea, I must admit I understand what it is that everybody loves about my country. And it’s what, as an expat, I miss the most: its incredible variety.

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    1. Thank you! I hope you’ll get to travel to my beautiful country one day and taste the good food and feel the good atmosphere there. Any place you’ll pick in Italy will be delightful, I promise!

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