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I’ve been writing on this blog for over a month now and I haven’t yet shared anything a bit more personal, so I thought the time has come for one such post. I’m not a big fan of list posts, but I admit that sometimes they are fun to read, especially when they provide anectodes and little stories from the person who wrote them. Since this blog revolves around food, I thought I’d write about my favourite and least favourite foods following an alphabetic order. Are you ready?

A like Anise. My least favourite smell and taste. Never got used to liking it, and still not progressing. Whenever aniseed is used in a food, unfortunately I will skip that. Same goes for liquors like Sambuca, Pernod or Pastis. Not for me, sorry.

B like Breadsticks. I like bread but I’m not picky about it and can pretty much have every kind of bread. I can as well not eat any bread at all and I feel okay. But if you put a basket of bread and breadsticks in front of me (quite a typical thing to find in any Italian restaurant), I will gulp down the breadsticks within seconds.

C like Cheese. Anything cheese. I come from a region that produces some of the finest Alpine cheeses in Italy (my region borders with France, and shares quite a similar wine and cheese tradition. Which is, hands down, top class). And cheesecake. I enjoy cheese in all forms, really.

D like Dolcetto, my favourite red wine. It is produced in the region in Italy where I come from, Piemonte, and it’s one of the local products I’m more proud of. It pairs wonderfully well with meat. This wine is appreciated also beyond Europe.

E like Eggplant, probably my favourite vegetable. I love it grilled, fried, baked.

F like Fennel. My least favourite vegetable. Its anise-like smell is what repels me. I am a bit ashamed of having a no-no food, which I completely refuse to eat, as my goal would be to be open to all kinds of foods and flavours. But for some reason I haven’t yet managed to accept and like this one. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll learn to appreciate fennel and anise, too.

G like Guacamole. This is seriously addictive. I could eat it every day. Really.

H like Hazelnut. My favourite gelato flavour is hazelnut. And I love any kind of hazelnut spread, like Nutella (yeah, this is an easy one to love). And hazelnut chocolate, in particular Gianduja. I love hazelnut.

I like Ice cream, even if my idea is more gelato: creamy, rich, artisanal. Another time my Italian-ness shines vehemently through.

J like Jam. Fruit jam or jelly, anything that goes over waffles (see below) or toast with peanut butter on. My very favourite is strawberry jam, but I also love blueberry and raspberry.

K like Khachapuri, Georgian cheese bread. In particular Adjarian Khachapuri, the one with raw egg and melted butter on top. Take me back to Batumi, now.

L like Lasagne. This is my favourite pasta dish. It features bechamel, bolognese sauce and is oven-baked, kind of my idea of heaven, more or less.

M like Muffin. My baking obsession began with a tray of muffins. I baked a tray of muffins everywhere I’ve been, including on a short holiday in Estonia, in the small electric oven of my hostel room. I had especially brought silicone muffin cups in my hand luggage. And I had gone to Estonia to attend a music concert…

N like Nuggets. If I have a favourite junk food, that will be chicken nuggets. That’s my all time favourite choice at McDonald’s.

O like Olive oil. If I have to have only one condiment of choice, that will be it.

P like Pad Thai. I haven’t yet had the pleasure to eat this in Thailand, but I had excellent Pad Thai in New York and Paris, in authentic Thai restaurants and I loved it deeply in both places.

Q like Quiche. Any type of vegetable tart or pie, really. Probably my favourite way to enjoy vegetables.

R like Red Velvet cake. I have quite a thing for North American desserts, and this one is my very favourite.

S like Salmon. Thank God I live in Scandinavia and salmon is one of the most affordable types of fish here. And salmon sushi, the one from Le Meo in Oslo.

T like Tea. I am a heavy tea drinker and I just love to own a lot of different varieties and flavours of tea. This anyway doesn’t make me an absolute tea person, as opposed to a coffee person, as I believe I am both. Coffee is for certain specific times of the day, while tea is for other. One can perfectly be both a tea and a coffee person. I am.

U like Unsweetened anything. Don’t like. I’m for a teaspoon of sugar in mostly everything, although I am trying to reduce my sugar intake. But sometimes I just like things sweet. I guess this is something I haven’t grown old enough yet to fully appreciate.

W like Waffles. My love for waffles intensified during my Erasmus in Norway, the university cafeteria was selling fresh waffles every Wednesday morning, and going there after my Norwegian language class had become one of the habits I miss the most from my Oslo days. Waffles with strawberry jam and forest fruit tea in Ikea glasses. Oh how I miss that.

X like i have no idea 😀 Maybe I need to travel more and get to know a X-food.

Y like Yoghurt. Greek yoghurt with honey and toasted walnuts. Yes, please.

Z like Zucchini, which are neither my favourite nor my least favourite; they are okay but the only food word beginning with the letter Z that came to my mind.

And that was my food alphabet. I’m still pretty new in the food blogging world, but if there is anyone among my fellow bloggers who would like to share his/her own, I’d be curious to read it.

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