5 reasons why blogging is good for me

I had a couple of friends over the other day, to help me finish the leftovers of the chocolate cake I baked recently, and while talking about this new hobby I have of blogging about food, I happened to praise this activity for various reasons. I thought this would make a nice post, so I’m going to share it here. Here are the 5 reasons why I believe that blogging, right now, is good for me.

electric blue food

1. Time
I am in a moment in my life when I have time. I only have a small part time job, that leaves me with plenty of free time. Even counting the time I am using to exercise, study Swedish (yeah), cook and clean, I’m still left with a lot of time. So I thought that blogging would be a great way to occupy myself.

2. Commitment

Despite having a lot of free time, keeping a blog pushes me to find the time to do it. Writing on this blog has become part of my daily schedule, and if I want to write every day, I have to squeeze this in my daily routine. And right now that I don’t have much to do it may prove even harder, as I tend to waste much more time when I’m unoccupied than when I’m super busy. I’m the kind of person that is able to get much more done when having a packed schedule, only to waste enormous amounts of time when idle.

3. English

English is not my first language, so in order to write well I have to make a little effort. Good writing itself implies the constant use of a dictionary, and writing in a different language adds the need also for a bilingual one. At times I have a word in mind in my native language, but I’m not sure I know the appropriate translation in the context I want to place it in, and this is when dictionaries prove to be the most precious tools in the world. When I write I like to follow a pattern I learned while studying to be a translator: I usually check the bilingual dictionary first to find a suitable translation, then I look this word up in the English dictionary to make sure this is actually the word I had in mind. It often happens that although falling within the same semantics, two words may convey slightly different meanings in two different languages. When this occurs, I have to keep searching, either by looking up a different option among the possible translations found in the bilingual dictionary, or by turning to the thesaurus. This process enlarges my own vocabulary greatly, and there is always an occasion for me to learn new words, besides proving an excellent writing exercise.

4. Photography

Photography is my biggest passion. It took me some time to understand what kind of photographer I would grow up to be, and which way my development in this artistic field would go, but judging from my pictures I’d say that landscape photography is by far the genre in which I feel more at ease. I have been blessed with the possibility to travel a lot in the past years, and the will to document all the beautiful places I have visited has pushed me to explore landscape photography more and more. Although I believe that it’s natural to have a favourite field of specialization, I try to be as eclectic as I can and I enjoy also other styles, so I am always happy to shoot events (weddings and concerts are by far my favourite) or portraits. This blog is pushing me towards exploring still life photography. To shoot my food I use a tripod and a fixed focal length lens, and I am learning how much moving around of the objects composing the perfect image requires. So I’m perfectioning a type of photography I was not so used to before.

5. Cooking

Last but not least, having a blog mostly focused on food gives me the motivation to try new recipes. I follow fellow food bloggers here on WordPress and find amazing recipes to try, and the same goes for Pinterest. I am fuelling my curiosity towards new foods and always looking for inspiration for new recipes to try.

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