Banana Digestive smoothie

When it comes to smoothies, bananas are just the perfect fruit. Once blended, they add that sweet and creamy and velvety texture that combines well with almost every other fruit. They’re wonderful also alone, or blended together with yoghurt (ever since I tried flavouring my own yoghurt with a banana, I swore I’d never buy a banana yoghurt again, but always go for natural yoghurt with one actual banana blended inside). I have rediscovered the potential of bananas lately, doing the military diet, which calls for two bananas during the three-day dieting regime. I have been enjoying bananas also on days off, and my favourite banana-based snack on days off was a smoothie.

A type of biscuit that is always there in my kitchen cupboard is Digestive. When I run out of any inspiration (or foods) for my breakfasts, Digestive biscuits and a cup of coffee with milk are always a plan B. Digestive biscuits happen to pair very well also with bananas, so if I had to name what is my favorite smoothie lately, I’d say “banana Digestive”. It’s a healthy and filling smoothie, perfect to satisfy a mid-afternoon food craving. No sugar added.

banana digestive smoothie

Banana Digestive smoothie:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2-3 Digestive biscuits
  • 100 ml milk

Crush 2 biscuits in a container and add the banana, cut into pieces. Add the milk. Blend until smooth. The third biscuit is optional: for a more biscuity taste, it can be crushed and poured over the smoothie, so that it will also give a nice decorative touch. In my opinion, though, 2 is best: there is enough Digestive biscuits to feel their taste and the banana is still prominent. Using 3 biscuits, the banana is overshadowed by the biscuits. I prefer to keep the two flavours balanced and get to taste the banana.

More biscuits can be added, if a very biscuity flavour is preferred; in this case, the banana will mostly serve as base. If more biscuits are added, the quantity of the milk needs to be adjusted, so that the smoothie will still be quite liquid and easy to drink through a straw. Digestive biscuits are very nutritious, so the more are added, the higher the calorie count of this snack will be. Which, on days off diet, is not necessarily a bad thing.

banana digestive smoothie

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