A road trip to Norway

I have a deep love for Norway and this is no secret. Everybody who knows me is aware of that. Norway is a beautiful land and I’ve had the pleasure to live in its capital city for six months in 2009 for an exchange semester at the university. There are so many things I love about that country that I can’t even name all of them. I love the air that is so clean. Tap water that runs so cold. The way the clouds scatter in the sky. The incredible colour of its sunsets. The feeling that you are at the same time on a mountain and by the sea. The beautiful Lofoten archipelago. The fancy Freia billboard on Karl Johans gate in Oslo. The way every time I walk the streets of Oslo I feel home.

My love is mostly made up of those little feelings I have towards this place in the world, but if those were not enough there is also the fact that Norway is also a damn good looking land. It’s clean, green, dramatic. I love going back and I’ve been lucky to do so many times. The last time I visited was last May, when we went on a road trip from our place in Dalarna to the fjords.

We drove a portion of the Norwegian west coast, from Ålesund to Kristiansund, visiting landmarks and attractions such as the Geiranger-Trollstigen mountain road and the Atlantic Ocean Road. The former takes you from up in the mountains down to sea level and in May up in the mountains it was still well packed with snow. Lots of snow. Unexpectedly high walls of snow.

norway may snow

trip to norway may snow norway may snow

When we got to Geiranger, we embarked a boat to take a tour of the fjord from the inside. I had sailed this fjord years before on a sunny day with a sea so still it that was creating perfect reflections of the mountains around. This second time I got to see a compeletely different face of the same place, and if the first time it had seemed a fairytale, this time it looked a lot more like the setting of a Vikings episode.

geirangerfjord norway geirangerfjord norway geirangerfjord norway

I am so fond of the light in this black and white shot. Driving away from Geiranger, we stopped at the end of the so-called Eagle Road to take it all in from the top. The sky had cleared a bit more and the sun revealed this place’s true colours.

geirangerfjord norway geirangerfjord norway

What I love the most about May in Norway is the perfect shade of blue the sky can turn at that time of the year. Norway is often swept by the wind, especially on the coast. This makes the clouds run fast and create wonderful shapes in the sky. The most beautiful display of the glory of the Norwegian sky we got to see on this trip was on the Atlantic Ocean Road.

atlantic ocean road norway

atlantic ocean road norway atlantic ocean road norway

We also stopped in Ålesund, a small city that at the beginning of the 20th century had been completely destroyed by a fire, and was then rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style. In Ålesund I saw the ship that had taken me there six years before, by chance it happened to call in Ålesund on the day I was finding myself there, too. Seeing that ship felt like meeting an old friend. I got to sail the waters of Ålesund again, but this time in a kayak.

kayak alesund norway kayak alesund norway

Then it was time to get back to Sweden. We spent the last night of our trip in a beautiful cottage in a secluded place just by the ocean. We bought frozen fish in the small local supermarket (we were too late to catch the fishermen’s market that day) and defrosted it in a pot full of sea water.

atlantic norway

norway moose

Driving between Norway and Sweden we even encountered a cow moose who kindly posed for me. I’ve been meaning to share these pictures on this blog for a while. Not only the photos, but also my love for the beautiful kingdom of Norway, my favourite country. It couldn’t go amiss in this blog.

19 thoughts on “A road trip to Norway

      1. It’s definitely true in the way that the scenery is quite similar. NZ has mountains and fjords but to me they’re a bit different. It’s incredibly beautiful here too though. Norway has always been close to my heart because I went there when I was 12 with my family and it made a huge impact on me. Since then I’ve always wanted to travel the world! 🙂

        1. When you come back to Europe you’ll have the luck to reside in the neighbouring country, and from Sweden Norways is always a great option for a road trip 😀

    1. Thank you dear!! I hope you’ll soon get to travel to Norway, it’s beautiful (been there 8 times, one of which for 6 months 😀 it’s my favourite country)

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