Lazy Italian cooking

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How come I’m Italian and I hardly ever feature anything Italian on this blog? I mean, lately I made myself bruschetta, alright. At the very beginning of this blog there had been tiramisù. But I’m not very traditional when it comes to eating and I like to experiment, so this is why I’ve been showcasing home-made sushi, reindeer meat and tacos in here. Actually, I set up this blog to share the various foods I eat and cook and the first reader I think of is my mother. Ever since I moved out from my parents’ house I’ve been sending mom pictures of the food I eat. My mom is a foodie at heart and a great cook herself, and this way I got to share my food stories with her while living apart. Until I decided to start this blog and expand my readership.

What I’m trying to say here is: my mom – my number 1 reader – knows very well I can make pasta. She likes to see the other stuff I eat: the various sushi, tacos and reindeer experiments, and this is why I enjoy the most blogging about those other foods. But the truth is: I was still brought up in Italy and pasta is my comfort food, especially since I moved out of Italy. So what do I eat when I run out of inspiration or ingredients and I have to turn to staple items? Eight times out of ten the answer is pasta with tomato sauce (the other possible foods are either a can of tuna or a bowl of milk and cereals. Perfect alternatives, even lazier). If I happen to have fresh tomatoes at home, even better: freshly made sauce tastes great. I may not want to blog about basic pasta al pomodoro very often, but this is something I eat every week, so now I want to honour on this page my favourite lazy food.

pasta pomodoro

Pasta al pomodoro is foolproof. The sauce takes so little effort that by the time the water starts to boil and the pasta is cooked, the sauce will be ready, so it’s a matter of 20 minutes more or less. First you fry the onion on a little olive oil (soffritto). Then you add the chopped tomatoes and a couple of fresh basil leaves. Add a pinch of salt and a little chili powder, then leave to cook until the tomatoes disintegrate and turn into sauce. It’s wise to make it in a large frying pan, so that when the pasta is cooked and drained it can be poured directly into the sauce pan: a good stir and all the pasta will be coated in sauce, which is exactly what you want. Remove from heat, mix in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil a crudo, shave some parmigiano on top and you’re all set. This is my kind of lazy cooking when I don’t want to show off on my blog.

pasta pomodoro

Except for this time 🙂

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