Blood moons and northern lights

There has been a lot going on in the sky lately. First, the lunar eclipse and the phenomenon of the blood moon. Then, another massive northern lights show – the most amazing I’ve been able to witness so far. Luckily, the weather has been very kind to us and made stargazing possible both nights, keeping the sky fairly clear of clouds. I really like the month of October, partly because I’m an October-born, partly because autumn is my favourite season and in October it shows off all that I love about it.

Nature in October always keeps me busy as a photographer: every year I can’t get enough of taking pictures of the trees changing colours under the blue skies of the Indian summer. In October the air is crisp and clean, the afternoon sun is lower and more golden and the colours displayed by the trees are just ridiculously beautiful. How can I not love this month?

This year, we had two nice bonuses that made me love taking pictures at this time of the year even more, and that kept me up at night (I have never felt more grateful for owning a tripod as I have on these two occasions). The first beautiful phenomen I got to see was the lunar eclipse and “blood moon”. We drove to the ski jumping hill in Falun and watched the eclipse from up there. I managed to take pictures of both the eclipse and the “blood moon” that followed, and attached the pictures in one single image that I posted on my personal facebook page. I got so many compliments that I felt I should have these photos here as well. And my little telephoto lens never disappoints me.

blood moon eclipse

The second phenomenon was something I am always hoping for ever since I moved to Sweden: the aurora borealis. It’s been a lucky and special year, with aurora sightings even in northern Poland and England, which meant having stronger auroras up here in mid-Sweden. Last night I have been able to photograph the most intense aurora so far.

northern lights dalarna october

northern lights dalarna october

northern lights dalarna october

northern lights dalarna october

In the end, when the intensity peaked and auroras were visible over Poland, the sky in Falun unfortunately filled with clouds. That moment, the aurora was right over our heads and dancing, we could glimpse it through the clouds. The phenomenon was so strong that it was lighting up the darkness. I turned from looking north and saw the lights south-west.

northern lights dalarna october

We wake up to minus temperatures these day, frost arrived early. I really hope we will get a snowy and intense winter.

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    1. Thank you! I really wanted to share these here, even if not strictly food related. I love sharing the beautiful things I get to admire here in Sweden!

      1. Hehe! Yes we saw them from my room but we didn’t go out and see them as I only heard about it very last-minute and I was about to sleep and then I got up and voila! 😀

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