December (de)lights

December came and proved as busy as November. Little time to just spend in the kitchen, but I didn’t mind being a little busier than the usual. Lots of things happened and then I was rewarded with some time off work, which coincided with my parents flying over to Sweden for the Christmas holidays. Among the things that happened this month, there was a beautiful northern lights display, as strong as the one we had had in October.aurora borealis dalarnaI spontaneusly checked the northern lights forecast that evening, only to discover that a huge aurora was about to happen. I looked out of the window and saw a streak of greenish light. “We’re heading out” I told my friend who was having dinner with me.northern_lights_dalarna_6The clouds were running fast in the sky and by the time we got to the lakeshore the sky cleared up. The lights started off quite pale, the colours washed out in the bright moonlight.aurora borealis dalarnaBut then the intensity just grew stonger and stronger until the aurora was all over our heads and dancing across the sky. I thought that a display like the one we had been lucky to see in October was a rare sight, but it just happened again!aurora borealis dalarnaaurora borealis dalarnaAnd it was green and it was pink and we just stared in awe because I knew that you can get a glimpse of the northern lights in Dalarna if you’re lucky, but never had I thought that I woud get to see them so big and majestic this far south and so often.aurora borealis dalarnaBeing so windy, the trees came out shaky in long-exposure pictures, but that wind was a blessing because it chased away the clouds and unveiled this incredible show.

Strangely enough, despite the lake being frozen, that night the temperature was +9°C (in the day it had peaked to +12°C which is scary if you think that this is mid-Sweden on the second half of December), and this allowed me and my friends to just lay down on the pier by the lake and enjoy what was going on up in the sky. We stayed out for one hour and a half and didn’t feel cold at all; I spent most of the time taking pictures without gloves on – something that you just can’t do on a regular winter day up here. I love this place and I love the random sprinkles of magic I found here, be it a moose that crosses the road in front of our car or the occasional aurora that lights up the sky.

6 thoughts on “December (de)lights

  1. Wow, so amazing!!! I envy you so much. Love to see northern light sometime in my life.
    Do you know TV series “The bridge (Bron/Broen)? Its third series has just ended in the UK and my mind has been still remaining in those Nordic world. I want to be there, especially under the green & pink curtain of Aurora by the lake now…

    1. Hi Mutsumi!! No, I don’t know it but I should check it out. Apparently it’s quite a good moment to chase the lights now, as there has been heavy solar activity in the past few years and northern lights are quite easy to spot, so if you manage do plan a trip somewhere north! When I was studying in Norway in 2009 it wasn’t nowhere this massive. It was impossible to even hope for aurora in Oslo (where I was living) and even those who traveled up north sometimes didn’t even get to see it up there. So now it’s a better moment for this and I can confirm!

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