A fondue dinner at Romme Alpin’s Toppstugan

Fondue dinners are a popular feature at ski resorts in Sweden. The alpine dish well suits the snowy atmosphere of Sweden in winter, especially when served in a skiing context. As you enjoy your fondue bourguignonne surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Swedish winter you’d swear you’re in Switzerland. Very close to where I live in Dalarna there is the ski resort Romme Alpin. Their Toppstugan restaurant offers fondue nights (known as fondueafton) throughout the season, starting right after the restaurant stops serving Julbord, aka traditional Christmas dishes, a typical Advent menu.

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden
Toppstugan restaurant in Romme Alpin, Borlänge

Fondue Bourguignonne, or meat fondue

If not familiar with the concept of fondue bourguignonne, it is a dish of Swiss origin that is fairly popular also in the part of northern Italy I’m from. The key feature of fondue bourguignonne is that, unlike traditional cheese fondue, the key ingredient is meat. Just like in cheese fondue, the guests share a communal pot that is generally placed in the middle of the table. The pot contains either oil or broth that is kept hot with a spirit lamp placed under the pot. Every guest is equipped with a two-pronged fork with a long handle used to dip the raw meat into the hot oil or broth to cook it. Fondue bourguignonne can feature several cuts of meat, the most popular being lean beef fillet. Once cooked to preference, the meat is eaten with a variety of dips prepared for the event.

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden
Taking up a cooked piece of meat from the pot
Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden
The dips: red wine reduction, horseradish cream, chimichurri and béarnaise

Attending a Fondue Evening at Toppstugan in Romme Alpin had been high on my list since we moved to Dalarna. Yet, for various reasons we never really managed to go until earlier this year. This year both my boyfriend and myself have been employed at Romme Alpin for the season, so we made it a point to finally treat ourselves to fondueafton. Once we managed to get the same days off, my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a mid-week getaway and booked us a table at Toppstugan. (Having days off in the middle of the week is definitely among the perks of working in the tourism industry.)

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin’s Toppstugan

Toppstugan is located on the top of Solklinten, one of the two peaks where most of the slopes converge and begin. During the day the restaurant is accessible via ski lift and can only be visited on skis or snowboard, as one is not allowed to take the lifts down but should rather glide down one of the many slopes. In the evening, when the slopes are closed, guests reach the restaurant on a special vehicle. A ride on the bandvagn, a converted military vehicle that climbs up the slopes like a snow groomer, is complimentary. I would say it is part of the whole fondueafton experience.

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden
The fondueafton experience includes a complimentary ride on the bandvagn.

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden

After a 10-minute ride up the slopes, Toppstugan welcomes its guests with its warm atmosphere and lovely wooden décor. A fondue pot prepared with hot broth and a plate of lean beef fillet cuts will wait on your table. Back home we used to cook our meat cuts in hot oil. I tried the broth version for the first time at Romme Alpin, as that is how Toppstugan serves it. To complement the meat, the restaurant offers a whole buffet of other foods, included in the price of the fondue dinner. The buffet features various salads, breads and spreads, as well as raw vegetables and mushrooms that one can cook in the broth just like the meat. On a side table a selection of desserts and cheese completes the buffet with some decadent after dinner options.

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden

“Are you guys celebrating something or you just decided to dine here?” asks our host Geoff as he brings us the bottle of red wine we ordered to our meal. Earlier that morning, when gathering my stuff in my bag for this mid-week getaway, I opened our wedding website to check for new RSVPs. The page welcomed me with a message: 200 days to go! Wow, 200 days until our wedding. It’s getting closer. “We didn’t plan this to celebrate anything, we just decided to treat ourselves tonight,” answers my almost-husband. “But in fact we are celebrating. Today it’s 200 days till our wedding”. We raised a glass to that and indulged on that lovely dining experience.

Outside the window the snow was twirling. A light wind was making the treetops sway. It was gentle enough not to shake the snowy crust off the branches. I felt the red wine warming me up from the inside as I stared at that winter wonderland scenery. In that picture-perfect context I let the thought that in 200 days I’d be a married woman sink in. I gazed across the table and set my eyes on my companion. We had not planned to celebrate anything else than the fact that we just enjoy each other’s company and there we were, 200 days from our wedding, spontaneously celebrating and just enjoying the little pleasure of sharing food, one of our favourite daily rituals.

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden
The view outside the window and me reflected in the glass (oops)

For more information about Fondueafton at Romme Alpin’s Toppstugan you can check out the dedicated page on their website.

A fondue dinner at Romme Alpin's Toppstugan restaurant. A lovely experience in one of Sweden's coolest ski resorts.

29 thoughts on “A fondue dinner at Romme Alpin’s Toppstugan

  1. I’ve never had fondue before and my mouth was watering while reading this! Your pictures. That snow. It’s all so perfect. Thanks for sharing your experience

  2. Oh my gosh I am starving now after reading this. We rarely travel to snowy places but I’ve been thinking more about this lately and your pics are very enticing!!

    1. I love winter and I think there is something magical about snowy destinations. You just need the right clothes and you are rewarded with some wonderful sights and that special winter light.

  3. This just sounds so magical! I do love fondue, but this place is definitely special! Less than a 200 days to your wedding – eek!!

  4. What an incredible experience at this special restaurant! The whole deal of even getting there in the snow, so beautiful omg. Actually, you know what, I’ve never been to a ski resort too haaaaa. The fondue style in this Swedish restaurant is unlike any other cuisine I’ve ever read about – it’s cool to discover it from your blog! Happy 200-th-day-countdown-to-your-big-day =)

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to my wedding ^^
      And I’m happy to read that with my post you’ve learned something new. Alpine cuisine is quite an interesting feature to discover, you should definitely give this kind of food a try if you ever happen to go skiing somewhere!

  5. What an amazing fondue dinner you had! I had one at a pop-up apres ski bar in a Welsh hotel last year, but I would love to experience the real thing in Switzerland!

    1. I haven’t tried it in Switzerland myself, but had cheese fondue in France and northern Italy. Man do I love cheese fondue!!!

  6. The fondue kinda sounds like the Chinese hotpot but without the soup, and it looks pretty delicious, hope I get to try it sometime, I bet it just warms you up on a snowy night 🙂

    1. It was perfect, and I’m glad we splurged and ordered a bottle of red wine to it because it really paired up wonderfully. I have never tried the Chinese hot pot but if it’s a similar experience I’m sure I’d love it.

  7. I love the atmosphere; beautiful photos <3 In February I was in Finland and I really liked the wooden houses. Unfortunately I did not have such a fondue but next time I will try to have such a dinner experience.

    1. Thank so much! I love Finland, although I haen’t yet had the chance to explore it in the middle of the winter. I get a pretty similar nature here in Sweden though. I hope next time you are exploring a winter place you get to have such a warming dining experience as the one I had here!!

  8. I’ve never tried traditional fondue like that but I’ve always wanted to. Having it in a snowy setting looks amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. This one is the meat variety, the traditional one is cheese fondue. Both pretty amazing experiences, I hope you’ll get to taste both so you can decide what’s your favourite. I’m a sucker for cheese but I grew up with the meat one so I guess I know which one I have dearest.

  9. Wow, it looks so cozy! For a second there I actually believed that this was in Switzerland, haha. Would love to visit someday, especially because I love fondue! Omnomnom.

    1. I don’t have a picture of that, but two moose heads hang from the ceiling in the restaurant, just to remind you that the setting is actually in Sweden haha I hope you’ll get to experience something similar one day, if you like skiing you should definitely consider visiting Sweden in the winter!

  10. Wow I’ve always wanted to try a legit fondue in Switzerland, it sounds like an amazing experience. Also, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! This fondue dinner sounds like a great way to relax a bit from the wedding planning 🙂

    1. Thank you! Actually the seasonal work was pretty intense and did not allow for much time planning-wise. This is my task for the spring now! In any case, that little mid-week break really helped!

  11. We had Fondue 2x while we were in Switzerland 2 years ago. One time in Zermatt and the other time in Lucern. Both were incredible. The scene you captured photos of looks magical! Like a winter wonderland. I think taking the ride to the restaurant adds to the experience as well. Congratulations on 200 days!

    1. Thank you very much! I still have to try fondue in its birthplace. Would like to ski on the Alps one day, this year my level has improved, up to last year I was too much of a beginner to properly enjoy it on steeper grounds!!

    1. It’s still chilly here. The sun is starting to warm us up, but there is still snow that needs to melt away (and I hope it will soon, I want to see some flowers!!).

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