An Italian-Australian wedding photo session

I love weddings, I just can’t deny it. And I love being the photographer at weddings, because I get to document a very important moment in the lives of two people. I get to be the one who takes that one photo they will print and hang on the best wall in the house. The picture that gets sent to all the family members as a thank you card. The picture their daughters will look at with dreamy eyes. It’s such a great honour and I enjoy every moment of it. This feeling can only get better when the wedding couple are my friends.

Italian-Australian couple wedding photosession

I had the honour and pleasure to photograph Clelia and Jonathan’s Italian wedding last week. Clelia is a long-time friend of mine. She met Jonathan in Japan when they were both exchange students there, then she moved to Australia to be with him. Before marrying in Italy with all the family and friends from Clelia’s side, the two had also married in Australia, surrounded by Jonathan’s family and friends. This is a feature about international weddings I just love. There is always more than one celebration because this is a joy that deserves being shared, over and over.

Italian-Australian couple wedding photosession

We kept the photo shoot pretty simple and headed to a field nearby. The green all around was shining in the glowing light of the afternoon sun. As much as I like having elements of architecture as backgrund for portrait photography, sometimes you just don’t need more than a simple background and good light. It is the wedding couple that matters, and bringing out their raw emotions as they pose as newlyweds.

Italian-Australian couple wedding photosession Italian-Australian couple wedding photosessionItalian-Australian couple wedding photosession Italian-Australian couple wedding photosession

Although not directly involved in Clelia and Jonathan’s love story, I like to think I played a tiny role in making their paths cross. I remember very well the day Clelia decided to apply for a study abroad program. She had come to visit me when I was an exchange student in Oslo and this strengthened her decision to become an exchange student herself. If there is a destiny, she would have done so even without me. But I like to think that my experience as an exchange student fuelled her motivation to apply and go study abroad herself. To Japan. Where true love was waiting for her.

Italian-Australian couple wedding photosession

I love being a wedding photographer. And I love it the most when it’s for my family and friends, I feel like this is the best gift I can give. Every single time I take wedding pictures for a friend or a cousin I struggle to hold back the tears of joy that collect in my eyes. Sometimes one manages to roll down a cheek, but as a photographer my face is always safely hidden behind the camera. I love everything about weddings and I’m not gonna lie, I even love that.


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  1. Christina September 1, 2017 at 20:11

    I really like the simplicity of the pictures – the field, the sun, the trees in the back. the wedding couple is clearly the center of attention on all of them! I think you did a great job 🙂

    1. Eva September 2, 2017 at 14:38

      Thank you! As I grow old I’m finding more and more pleasure in simplicity. Or maybe I’ve just been living in Sweden for too long 😀 We tried taking a few photos in the historical centre of the village where they got married, by the intricate church door and old walls, but too many people kept disrupting the photo session (small village = everybody knows the bride. Italian small village = everybody will reserve their rights to go kiss the bride even if she’s in the middle of her wedding photo session). So we moved to a field where nobody else was there and things just went much more smoothly. I think the result really speaks for itself. The Italian countryside will look glamorous and exotic enough once these pictures get hanged in an Australian apartment!

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