Autumn photo session

I made it pretty clear already that autumn is my favourite season because of the beautiful colours that nature conjures up. Well, I just can’t get enough of it. The other day I was sitting at a friend’s place and her window faces a group of trees that were displaying all kinds of colours against the bluest of skies in the backgroud and I just couldn’t stop staring. So gorgeous. It made me long for a photo session with autumn leaves in the hair and my friend agreed to pose for that.

Her hair is blonde, so I picked mostly reddish leaves. Some of them matched her dark red lipstick. I photographed her laying on the ground in the forest, with her hair sprawled all around. We went out shortly before the golden hour, when the sun was getting lower and warmer and casting a light that was just perfect for the tones of this photo shoot.

autumn ania autumn ania

autumn ania

Besides being an excellent model my friend is also a painter, so I agreed to pose for her in return as human canvas for a face paint. We kept the same theme, autumn glory, and then went out for a quick photoshoot of her work in the natural light. Since my hair is red, I got yellow leaves on my head instead. We are both fans of the band Within Temptation, so those who are familiar with their style might notice that Sharon Den Adel was a bit of a muse here.

autumn eva

I want to combine face painting and photo shoots again, so there will be more such stuff here in the future. All credits for the beautiful painting on my face go to my friend – thanks Ania!

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  1. colorpencil2014 October 20, 2015 at 14:24

    How lovely, artistic and creative! I would like that very much, to see more of your photo work. Like I said y-day, your food photos are so good too.

    1. Eva October 20, 2015 at 19:01

      I am planning some outings with my camera and someone posing in front of it. I am happy you like my photos!!

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