Autumn photo session #2

The other day when I went out with my friend Ania to take some pictures of her in the forest I didn’t only take the artsy pictures with autumn leaves in the hair I had in mind, but also some more classic portraits. The light was very good and I love taking photos of people in the nature. Luckily, here in Dalarna it’s very easy to find nice spots in the nature for a photo shoot.

The pictures turned out with a “fashion ad” feel, maybe I was just so intrigued by the pattern on her sweater (which I absolutely love) and I ended up giving it a lot of importance. One thing for sure: the combination of these clothes, the lipstick, her eye and hair colour went totally well with the forest all around in that late afternoon natural light.

ania in the forest ania in the forest ania in the forest ania in the forest

ania in the forest

And again, like every time I get to photograph a human being, I remembered how much I like portraiture. I still believe landscape photography is more my thing, but I am always very pleased when I get to photograph people. You focus on completely different things, and bring out different emotions, which is a nice experience for a change.

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