My hospital layover: that time I got sick at 10.000 metres

united arab emirates passport stamps

Getting sick while on holiday is every traveller’s nightmare. But what can be worse than that? I say getting sick on a long flight. Nothing is more dreadful than having to endure physical pain while trapped 10.000 metres over civilization with no possible relief until the plane finally reaches its destination. I was unlucky enough to experience this, and what was supposed to only be a layover in Abu Dhabi turned out to be a hospital layover instead. Of the hundreds of times I’ve been on a flight this was the one flight I will never forget. That one time I got seriously ill in the middle of a six-hour flight.  Continue reading

The sleeping pod experience at Helsinki airport

I love airports. I love everything about airports. Their timelessness, placelessness, the way they always seem disconnected with the world outside. They’re transit places, frontier spaces, concrete representations of the neither here nor there. Although 95% of the times I transited through an airport it was to catch a flight within Europe, sometimes I ended up being stranded there for hours, at times my layovers being longer than the actual flights. Every time I did so, it was because this was the cheapest way.  Continue reading