Brown lemonade

brown sugar lemonade

“Lemonade can’t be brown!” was the comment I got when I lay on the table a jug full of my newest lemonade. That, and a puzzled look on the face. “But it features muscovado sugar…”, was my reply. Indeed, the beverage looked more like a fancy attempt to revive old coca cola gone flat, rather than a regular lemonade. But why does lemonade have to be yellow? I mean, it can be pink, too, right? So why not brown? Again, it has awesome brown sugar in it! Continue reading

London fog

I discovered that Earl Grey tea with milk is called “London Fog” only a few months ago, when my friend Ania from Snowtoseas introduced it to me with that name. I’ve always been an appreciator of tea with milk, but never really delved into exploring the world of tea lattes much deeper. Apparently, I was missing out on a whole world of opportunities, London fog being one of them. After that moment, my tea with milk ritual got much more interesting. Continue reading

Mulled wine

I come from a little village located in one of the many valleys that cut through the Italian Alps. Although down in the valley we don’t get much snow, the winters are cold and snow tops the tall mountains all around. Once a year, on the night of Christmas Eve, the whole village gathers in the church for midnight mass. After the service, people linger in front of the church and take their time to catch up with friends and wish one another a merry Christmas. To fight off the cold and make this moment even more idyllic, mulled wine is served for free. Continue reading