Vanilla butter biscuits

vanilla butter biscuits recipe

There was a time in my life when I was being paid to teach a bunch of kids how to cook. Best times ever. I believe in the power of creativity and I think that humans should be trained in the kitchen from an early age. One of the highlights of my days as a teacher was definitely making biscuits. I’d tell my pupils to bring cookie cutters to school the following week and nearly all of them complied. This is how looking forward to my lesson biscuits they were. Continue reading

Peanut butter cookies

peanut butter cookies

Remember Nutellotti? The super easy three-ingredient Nutella-based biscuits? When I first made them I had been inspired by the recipe popping up in my newsfeed and triggering my curiosity. The same has happened again, recently I stumbled upon another three-ingredient cookie recipe that features a spread – peanut butter this time – and I was hooked. I had to try it. Continue reading

Gingerbread Amsterdam

gingerbread houses Amsterdam

Earlier this year, during my Easter break, I visited Amsterdam for approximately 20 hours. My friend, co-worker, fellow expat and fellow blogger Ania (girl, the list is getting longer, and I haven’t even mentioned our shared taste in music here) was with me. We were headed to Italy and chose to fly KLM in order to have a stopover in the Dutch capital to catch a favourite artist of ours performing there (here comes the shared musical taste). The first time I visited Amsterdam was back in 2010 and the main reason for my trip was to go see Anneke van Giersbergen, my favourite singer. The very same reason why I ended up in Amsterdam for 20 hours again this year. Continue reading

Mini vegan meringues

Among the good things about Instagram there is the fact that it helps me to discover new amazing foods and food photographers/bloggers. Besides my daily supply of pictures of French Bulldogs (I have an obsession here, yes). One thing I learned on Instagram was what aquafaba is. I had stumbled upon beautiful pictures of buttercream cakes that I just couldn’t believe they were vegan. How did the bakers achieve such a texture in their buttercream? The answer was aquafaba. Continue reading

Granola bars with honey and raisins

Around this time of the year three things happen: days get dramatically shorter, I turn one year older, and I tend to disappear from this blog. There is little I can do about the first two, but I see that even the third issue is starting to become a pattern. My excuse last year was that I had been newly hired and the first month at my new job had been beyond busy. One year from then, it seems that at the end of October things start to get crazy busy again at work. It must be connected with the sudden lack of sunlight (or with myself getting older). Continue reading

Chocolate chip cookies

Last month while visiting the local book store I was attracted by a sign advertising a sale on food-related books. I always check out the book store knowing that I will most likely walk out of there without buying anything because I still feel like my level of knowledge of Swedish is too low to read a novel. This time, though, as I was checking out recipe books, I decided that that could be a good starting point, so I chose one and took it home. The book was United States of Cakes by Roy Fares. Continue reading

Pepparkakor: gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies may not be a big deal in Italy, but no Swedish Christmas is complete without them. Baking gingerbread men plays a huge part in the building up of the Christmas spirit to many Swedes and it is one of the most typical activities parents entertain their children with during advent. Gingerbread cookies in Sweden are known as pepparkakor and I used to buy them every Advent ever since Ikea opened in my area.  Continue reading

Heart-shaped oat biscuits

oat biscuit hearts

One thing that happened recently was celebrating our anniversary with my boyfriend. This occasion called for heart-shaped biscuits. I’m not much of a heart-shaped-biscuit person, or heart-shaped-anything really, but sometimes I give in to a little sentimentalism myself, and I appreciate the value of a symbol such as a heart. I thought that if there is one occasion to use heart-shaped cookie cutters, that was it. Continue reading