Another year over – 2017 in review

So a new year has begun and it is therefore time for my annual personal post, one that is not so much about food or photos (although of course there is some of both) but it is mostly about me. I always appreciate to find out a more personal side of my favourite bloggers, so I think it’s legit I also open up to my readers in a more personal way from time to time. Don’t know how many people actually read all my posts apart from my mom and Gennarina (and they already know all my personal stuff anyway), but in case I have more readers than I reckon, here’s a little bit about my life over the past year. Continue reading

Ten first times – food edition

Given the success of my 10 first times in travel, I decided to write a similar post with a focus on food. Sampling new food is one of my favourite things about travel, so it comes at no surprise that while writing the other post many first times that were coming to my mind were food-related. I knew I just had to write this one. Plus, there is (again) a nice anecdote about my childhood that I just want to share. So welcome to a selection of 10 first times with food! Continue reading

Ten first times – travel edition

I am writing this after reading a trending post on some Italian travel blogs I follow (linked at the end of this post). I don’t blog in Italian and I don’t blog about travel (as my main topic), but I like to share stories and this trending post felt like a good opportunity to write about stuff I love. The original post was called #prime10volte, that is to say “ten first times” when travelling. Travel is about exploration and learning so it should come as no surprise that while travelling one gets to experience many “first times”. So here’s 10 of my first times while in travel. Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award

I am grateful to accept the “One Lovely Blog Award” nomination from Sweet Spell. It’s always a pleasure to be nominated; it’s also something that happened a couple of times in the past months with different awards, but I have always been too busy to actually make a post and continue spreading the love. My new and better work schedule is allowing me to keep up with my blog more regularly now so I want to give full credit to this nomination. Continue reading

Looking back, looking forward

I don’t believe in resolutions and I don’t believe that transitioning from one year to another should mean that something’s changed. Life pretty much stays the same, or at least that’s what I believe. One thing that I like to do while transitioning from one year to another, though, is thinking of what could make my next year better. It’s not resolutions, I’d rather say it’s ambitions. Continue reading

5 reasons why blogging is good for me

electric blue food

I had a couple of friends over the other day, to help me finish the leftovers of the chocolate cake I baked recently, and while talking about this new hobby I have of blogging about food, I happened to praise this activity for various reasons. I thought this would make a nice post, so I’m going to share it here. Here are the 5 reasons why I believe that blogging, right now, is good for me.

Continue reading

The Infinity Dreams Award

I have been nominated by Mutsumi of Sakura Junction to take part in the Infinity Dreams Award, and I am very thankful for this, as it is actually the first time I’m being nominated and I was looking forward to taking part in this type of fun connection among bloggers. So thank you very much, Mutsumi! Mutsumi is a Japanese Londoner who shares on her blog stories from her life as well as inspiring Japanese recipes. So please make sure to pay Sakura Junction a visit! An now on to the nomination. Continue reading

My ABC of food

I’ve been writing on this blog for over a month now and I haven’t yet shared anything a bit more personal, so I thought the time has come for one such post. I’m not a big fan of list posts, but I admit that sometimes they are fun to read, especially when they provide anectodes and little stories from the person who wrote them. Since this blog revolves around food, I thought I’d write about my favourite and least favourite foods following an alphabetic order. Are you ready? Continue reading

August in Sweden

I never thought I’d ever find August a beautiful month. August used to be the month my dad would take off to go for our vacations to Poland and spend some time with the family there. For two thirds of my life, August has followed the exact same pattern every year. August was the month I was always missing out from my normal life; every year, for a month, I would embody a different identity, in a different city, speaking a different language. A parallel me, the August version of me. Continue reading