Thick hot chocolate, Italian style

Italian style thick hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in Italy is serious business. Every café serves it and it’s always deliciously thick. Even if it’s made from a bag, you can always count on the fact that it’s thick. Lusciously thick. Even instant hot chocolate that you get at the grocery store, you make it at home and it’s thick. Italians like their hot chocolate thick. The level of thickness may vary, generally it is still runny enough to drink, but you may also get hot chocolate so thick you need to eat it with a spoon. Real thick hot chocolate.

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Nutella panna cotta with hazelnuts

Nutella panna cotta recipe

Panna cotta is a recipe that comes from Piedmont, and so does Nutella. Combining the two should have been the most logical thing to do, yet for some reason I had never come across Nutella panna cotta until a couple of months ago. When I visited home in August my parents took me out for lunch to a restaurant that makes authentic traditional cucina piemontese and Nutella panna cotta was my dessert of choice among those they had. What a delightful experience.

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Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Peanut butter is one of those foods I have a strange relationship with. I can live without it for months and all is fine, until I start craving it and need to have it for breakfast on a daily basis for some time again. On toasted bread with jam it will forever remind me of my time in Canada (early into my stay I got a jar of home-made grape jam from a friend and having that with peanut butter on toasted English muffins had become my regular Canadian breakfast), so peanut butter is also one of those nostalgic flavours that remind me of the places where I have lived. Continue reading

Sachertorte, my Viennese challenge

It was the spring of 2012, a bunch of lovely warm and sunny April days, and I was finally visiting the capital of Austria with my parents. Together we had crossed Austria at least thirty times before, while travelling from Italy to Poland by car, but had never stopped to explore Vienna. Then cheap airlines happened and we kind of stopped travelling to Poland by car, so the occasion never arose until we decided to drive again in 2012. I said I’d go only if we finally made a proper stopover in Vienna. Continue reading

Chocolate chip cookies

Last month while visiting the local book store I was attracted by a sign advertising a sale on food-related books. I always check out the book store knowing that I will most likely walk out of there without buying anything because I still feel like my level of knowledge of Swedish is too low to read a novel. This time, though, as I was checking out recipe books, I decided that that could be a good starting point, so I chose one and took it home. The book was United States of Cakes by Roy Fares. Continue reading

Chocolate macarons

chocolate macarons

I finally made macarons again. I had promised myself I would at some point, after my first batch, and kept this promise to myself vey true. So the past weekend I decided to embark on this adventure again. Home made macarons are a day-long adventure, so I needed a day filled with spare time to devote myself entirely to this task. Continue reading

Walnut and chocolate cake

Last week I made another birthday cake. October seems to be a very fruitful month, if you know what I mean (I’m an October-born myself). Anyway, not that I mind, I like to celebrate my friends and I like to do that with cake, so just give me an occasion and I will produce a cake! So for the birthday boy I chose walnut sponge cake filled with chocolate custard and covered in chocolate ganache. Yummy. Continue reading

Small chocolate cake with fresh raspberries

During my vacation in Italy I purchased a super cute cake stand which I’ve been eager to use for a while. The only problem is that is fits a small cake, and I have been baking for larger parties since I came back. I could have baked a small cake just for my boyfriend and myself, but we’ve been on a diet (for a month now!), and we would give in to cake only on few special occasions. I finally had the occasion to bake for a small party – my boyfriend, myself and our latest guest – last week, so I made a small cake that I could finally set on my newest cake stand! Continue reading