Walnut cupcakes with honey mascarpone frosting

Walnut cupcakes with honey mascarpone frosting

Although in most of this emisphere it is still summer, in Sweden it definitely feels like fall already. There are some flavours that are just perfect for this time of the year, when you still don’t want to let go of the refreshing taste of summer and you’re not ready yet for winter spices. September is the time for full-bodied flavours that can still work very well also in the background. Think walnuts and honey. Continue reading

Allergy-friendly chocolate cupcakes (vegan and gluten free)

For the last week of school before the Christmas break I decided to treat my mentor class to some home-made chocolate cupcakes. This is a habit I’ve held dear ever since I started finding myself in a work environment, that is to say my intern days in Toronto. My first batch of Christmas cupcakes was crafted for my office mates one December day in Canada. More Christmas cupcakes have followed when I was working in another office in Poland, this time not as an intern but as an actual employee. It had become a real tradition that on the last week of work before Christmas I would treat my colleagues to cupcakes. Continue reading

Kanelbulle muffins

Among the many wonderful (and quite random) events that Sweden celebrates there is Cinnamon Bun Day on October 4th. Of course the past Octber 4th I was too busy to even care, but October 5th happens to be World Teacher’s Day so two large trays of cinnamon buns magically appeared in our staff room at school to celebrate us. So one day later I managed to make up and celebrate both the Swedish cinnamon bun and being a teacher. So wonderful! Continue reading

Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting

Peanut butter is one of those foods I have a strange relationship with. I can live without it for months and all is fine, until I start craving it and need to have it for breakfast on a daily basis for some time again. On toasted bread with jam it will forever remind me of my time in Canada (early into my stay I got a jar of home-made grape jam from a friend and having that with peanut butter on toasted English muffins had become my regular Canadian breakfast), so peanut butter is also one of those nostalgic flavours that remind me of the places where I have lived. Continue reading

Mini choco-cinnamon muffins

I have recently started a Swedish language course that’s being offered at my workplace, and of course, being it about Swedish culture as well, it includes the sacred 10 minutes devoted to coffee and something sweet, fika. I offered to bring the sweets myself, and last week I attended the language lesson with a tray of mini muffins that I have infused with one of Sweden’s key flavours: cinnamon. Continue reading

Halloween cupcakes

halloween spooky cupcakes

It seems that I’ve mostly been baking sweets lately and this, in fact, is not too far from the truth. My latest creations were Halloween-themed cupcakes I made for a meeting with my fellow university bloggers. Although I am not blogging anymore for the university like I was last year, I still consider myself one of the bloggers and I love to meet up with the others. The blogger meetings used to be one of my favourite occurrences last year, and I call myself lucky I can still be part of them. Continue reading

Almond muffins

You can never go wrong with muffins. They’re easy to make and go pretty much well with everything. And they can cheer you up on a gloomy rainy day. It’s September, a new academic year has started and it hasn’t stopped raining ever since my boyfriend’s first lecture. We all know that when you go back to school the summer is over, right? In an attempt to ignore the grey weather out of my window, I got busy in the kitchen and prepared some nice almond muffins. Continue reading

Baby shower cupcakes with mascarpone frosting

pink baby shower cupcakes

Today I was invited to a baby shower, which was quite a new experience to me as I had never attended one before. For the soon to be born little girl, the aunt-to-be organized a lovely party for family and friends and treated us guests to delicious home-baked goods. I thought I’d contribute with a tray of cupcakes, first of all because I like to bring baked goods to a party, but also because I’m always looking for an occasion to bake something. So a few days before the party I set my mind on baby shower themed cupcakes and started searching for inspiration. Continue reading

Mini Bundt cakes with lemon icing

mini bundt cakes

I have developed an obsession for Bundt cakes, they have such a wonderful shape. Recently I even got myself a silicone mini Bundt cake pan which I have used for the latest sweet treats I baked for a dinner with friends. I have never been a great fan of silicone cake forms; I find old school tins sturdier and easier to handle and clean, so I never really converted to silicone bakeware. The same cannot be said about kitchen utensils: my rubber spatulas have almost completely replaced wooden spoons!  Continue reading

Rice milk & cocoa muffins

Rice milk and cocoa muffins

I have a trusted recipe I use everytime I need to quickly produce baked goods. It’s one of the first recipes I tried when I started learning to bake some years ago and I have used it ever since. Muffins are a fairly easy business, and this recipe I’ve been following for years is so easy to work with that the whole procedure only implies the use of two bowls and a wooden spoon. You don’t even need a mixer! Probably the most advanced feature in this procedure is the need for a muffin tin, as it will help keep the shape of the muffins and allow them to cook properly, getting the heat from the bottom and the sides, and correctly raising upwards and getting taller, instead of growing larger, as they might if baked without such pan. Continue reading