My wedding reception: the food, cake and table decorations

My wedding reception: the wedding cake made of red velvet cupcakes with dala horses on top

The wedding reception is most likely one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. Of course much depends on the kind of venue chosen, the amount of guests attending and the overall level of luxury one wants to splurge on on their big day. Some choose to keep costs down by having smaller parties or even by eloping, and thus having to only budget for two. Yet it is possible to keep wedding costs down even when you want to have a medium-sized party. This was the case for us, and in this post I want to share some inspiration on how to have a simple yet awesome wedding reception.

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How I organized my wedding in Stockholm

Organizing a wedding is an overwhelming task. Now that I’ve been through it I can confirm it. Since I like a good challenge, bonus points to me for organizing a wedding in Stockholm while living 200 Km away. When you are a control freak thrifty at heart like me, hiring a wedding planner is not an option. So around a year before the actual date I set the wheels in motion and started planning my Stockholm wedding on my own. Here are some tips from my experience as my own wedding planner in Sweden. Continue reading

My wedding photo shoot at Haymarket by Scandic Stockholm

My wedding photo shoot at the beautiful hotel Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm. We took our wedding pictures in the lobby and at the bar Americain. Haymarket is a wonderful location for wedding photography in Stockholm.

When planning our wedding in Stockholm, finding a good place for our wedding photo shoot was among my priorities. The weather in Sweden can always be an unpleasant surprise (especially in the summer), so I wasn’t counting much on taking our wedding photos outdoors. Since we decided to stick around the city centre, I was also afraid that most places would be swarmed with people, especially in case of good weather. For my wedding photo shoot I wanted a place that could grant some beautiful backgrounds to our photos as well as some intimacy during the shooting. I found the perfect place in the hotel Haymarket by Scandic. Continue reading

Why Stockholm (a love story)

I came to Sweden with my partner 4 years ago. It was the morning of an August day in 2014 when we drove our car out of the cargo of a Stena Line ferry and onto Swedish soil. We had just spent the night crossing the Baltic Sea, leaving pieces of our lives behind. The day before we had packed all of our belongings, 2 years of life in Poland, into our car and set off for this new chapter. It was the port of Karlskrona that welcomed us, and where it all began. Continue reading

A night at the ostrich farm Sahlins Struts in Borlänge

Say Dalarna and the mind pictures lush green forests, red wooden houses, lakes. Add the word animals and the horse, the famous Dala horse, might be the first to come to mind, followed by something wild like moose. Yet, among the tourist attractions that involve animals in Dalarna there is one that is a bit more unexpected. It’s a farm located just outside Borlänge that since 1994 has been herding ostriches: Sahlins Struts. Located on a property that has been owned by the same family for over a century, Sahlins Struts is more than just an ostrich farm. Continue reading

A fondue dinner at Romme Alpin’s Toppstugan

Fondueafton at Romme Alpin Toppstugan, a meat fondue dinner in Dalarna Sweden

Fondue dinners are a popular feature at ski resorts in Sweden. The alpine dish well suits the snowy atmosphere of Sweden in winter, especially when served in a skiing context. As you enjoy your fondue bourguignonne surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Swedish winter you’d swear you’re in Switzerland. Very close to where I live in Dalarna there is the ski resort Romme Alpin. Their Toppstugan restaurant offers fondue nights (known as fondueafton) throughout the season, starting right after the restaurant stops serving Julbord, aka traditional Christmas dishes, a typical Advent menu. Continue reading

Another year over – 2017 in review

So a new year has begun and it is therefore time for my annual personal post, one that is not so much about food or photos (although of course there is some of both) but it is mostly about me. I always appreciate to find out a more personal side of my favourite bloggers, so I think it’s legit I also open up to my readers in a more personal way from time to time. Don’t know how many people actually read all my posts apart from my mom and Gennarina (and they already know all my personal stuff anyway), but in case I have more readers than I reckon, here’s a little bit about my life over the past year. Continue reading

Coffee culture in Sweden: Hedens Kaffe in Falun

Coffee culture in Sweden: Hedens Kaffe in Falun

Ever since I moved to Sweden I have become an avid coffee drinker. Sweden’s coffee culture was one of the first features I embraced. Sweden tops world coffee consumption statistics, ranking second only to neighbouring Finland. Coffee plays a crucial role in everyday life in Sweden. I remember how important the role of coffee breaks was at university here. Every couple of hours or so we would get a coffee break. It was sacred, there was no way we would not stop for coffee. Continue reading

Autumn in Sweden: the Indian Summer in Stockholm

Autumn in Sweden can be a nasty time of the year. It rains a lot and the first frost always comes earlier than you’d expect. Darkness looms, days get dramatically shorter and the day after we move back the clocks I always feel jetlagged. Autumn in Sweden can be a real pain, yet some days I get to be reminded it still is my favourite season. Those days, when the sun is out, the crisp air is so thin and everything looks incredibly sharp. When such days occur Sweden turns the colours of its flag. Most of the trees display a glorious yellow foliage in the backdrop of that saturated blue sky that I love so much in Scandinavia. Continue reading

The art of fika, a reunion in Stockholm

The art of fika in a Stockholm café

The first time I travelled to Stockholm with my boyfriend was during a long weekend in December some years ago. The city was packed with snow and Christmas lights and it was utterly romantic. It was also very cold, so cold that every now and then we felt the need to enter a café and order a hot drink to warm ourselves up from the inside out. What we did out of necessity, we discovered later to be also a very cultural thing in Sweden: the art of fika.
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