Noodles with lime & chili prawns

This is the chronicle of an easy yet delicious dinner. A noodle stir-fry enriched with with plump prawns, flavoured with the bite of chili and the freshness of lime juice. Nothing original, just a very refreshing main course that can potentially take very little time and leave you very satisfied. It’s what I wrapped up for dinner some time ago. I had those beautiful prawns and figured that a noodle stir-fry would have been the best way to honour them. Continue reading

Salmon quinoa salad

salmon quinoa basil salad

Last year I started adding quinoa more and more into my eating habits. It’s an excellent alternative to pasta or rice, and works perfectly in salads, so to my taste cold is when this grain is at its best. One day out of boredom I came up with the recipe I’m featuring in this post. I’m sure I didn’t invent anything new and this combination of flavours already existed, but I did not look for any inspiration prior to making this salad. I basically used what I had available at home that day. Continue reading

Shrimp in cocktail sauce

There is a dish that I have loved ever since I was a kid, and it is shrimps drowned in creamy cocktail sauce. I made some research and realised that what I have always known as “cocktail sauce” in Italy is not the same as cocktail sauce is usually intended in the English-speaking world. Cocktail sauce, or rather salsa cocktail as I know it, is a beautiful blend of mayo and ketchup, plus a couple of secret ingredients here and there.

Continue reading

Salmon dill omelette

salmon dill omelette

Smoked salmon is a must at our Christmas table and luckily for me this delicious fish is sold pretty cheap in Sweden. For our Christmas lunch I had bough smoked rainbow trout, which is quite similar to salmon and is local, but my dad is not a huge fan of small fish (he gets frustrated with fishbones and doesn’t enjoy his meal properly). Furthermore I know that my parents would have also appreciated some salmon at our Christmas table, so in the end I gave in and bought some as well. Continue reading

Avocado tuna sandwiches

Today I woke up with a taste for avocado, so I went to my local supermarket and to my delight I saw that avocados were on discount! This usually happens when most of the avocados in store are approaching ripeness, so they try to sell them more easily by lowering their price, and it is usually a double win for me, as I get to pay a little less and it’s easier for me to find avocados that are perfectly ready to eat and don’t require sitting on my kitchen shelf for days before I get to eat them. Continue reading

Roasted peppers with tuna mayo

tuna mayo peppers

I hadn’t started making roasted peppers until I learned how simple it is. Really, what you need is just an oven and aluminium foil. And peppers, of course. As for mayonnaise, after I got myself a blender last year (it took me so long to get myself one and now I really don’t know how I managed to live two whole years in Poland without!) I started making home-made mayo pretty often. If I can’t do anything about it being fat, at least when it’s home-made it’s fresh and has no preservatives, so if there is any positive outcome from eating mayo, at least having my own home-made one makes me feel less guilty while eating it. Continue reading

Salmon avocado sushi

Among the perks of living in Sweden there is cheap salmon found at every grocery store. Maybe not as cheap as I used to find it on a regular basis in neighbouring Norway, but still shamefully cheap compared to other countries. And it comes straight from neighbouring Norway, so it can be considered a local good. Another wonderful thing is that Sweden has been quite engaged in multiculturalization, so a lot of food-related products from different traditions can be foud as easily. Continue reading