Penne al salmone e vodka

On the occasion of my mom’s birthday I am posting a recipe that I have learned from her, and since she taught me to cook in Italian I will keep its original title: penne al salmone e vodka. A luscious pasta dish with a creamy sauce made with salmon, zucchini and vodka. The truth is, pasta comes in many shapes, but for salmon sauce you want to go with penne. That’s a match made in heaven. So think of pasta, perfectly al dente of course, swimming in a creamy sauce with salmon flakes and fried zucchini. Beautiful. Continue reading

Farro salad with baked cod, peas and feta

Summer is finally here, this time it’s for real and that calls for one thing: salads! No, I’m kidding, summer in Sweden equals barbeque. Only when it’s sunny and warm, though. Salads are the alternative for those days when you’d rather eat in. Or, a nice side dish to your hot dog when you’re still in the mood for salad on those nice summer evenings. A nicely balanced salad that alone can work as a proper meal is one that features some nice grains as well as some protein to go with the veggies.  Continue reading

Noodles with lime & chili prawns

This is the chronicle of an easy yet delicious dinner. A noodle stir-fry enriched with with plump prawns, flavoured with the bite of chili and the freshness of lime juice. Nothing original, just a very refreshing main course that can potentially take very little time and leave you very satisfied. It’s what I wrapped up for dinner some time ago. I had those beautiful prawns and figured that a noodle stir-fry would have been the best way to honour them. Continue reading

Salmon quinoa salad

salmon quinoa basil salad

Last year I started adding quinoa more and more into my eating habits. It’s an excellent alternative to pasta or rice, and works perfectly in salads, so to my taste cold is when this grain is at its best. One day out of boredom I came up with the recipe I’m featuring in this post. I’m sure I didn’t invent anything new and this combination of flavours already existed, but I did not look for any inspiration prior to making this salad. I basically used what I had available at home that day. Continue reading

Honey-mustard glazed salmon

salmon with honey mustard glaze

Salmon. The king of all fish, no excuses. I know there’s many fish in the sea, and I agree that many are wonderfully delicious, too, but salmon… salmon has a special place in my heart (and stomach). There is something about this fish with its rich meat, the wonderful colour of its flesh, all the good fat it provides. Salmon rhymes with Christmas in my family, it reminds me of my months in Norway, it’s my favourite ingredient in sushi. I shamelessly love salmon. Continue reading

Tuna and feta stuffed zucchini

Back in June, when I had not yet started my summer vacations and my boyfriend was already in Italy (I flew to him as soon as school was over), during one of our phone conversations my boyfriend mentioned the tuna stuffed zucchini he had had for lunch. When I have to cook for myself only I tend to get very monotonous and little creative, but when he mentioned tuna stuffed zucchini and I incidentally had one lonely zucchini sitting in the fridge I found the inspiration to cook for myself and not only feed on yoghurt and müsli. Continue reading

Shrimp in cocktail sauce

There is a dish that I have loved ever since I was a kid, and it is shrimps drowned in creamy cocktail sauce. I made some research and realised that what I have always known as “cocktail sauce” in Italy is not the same as cocktail sauce is usually intended in the English-speaking world. Cocktail sauce, or rather salsa cocktail as I know it, is a beautiful blend of mayo and ketchup, plus a couple of secret ingredients here and there.

Continue reading

Baked rainbow trout with lavender

Among the perks of the Swedish summer there certainly is the possibility to go fishing, making the most of the many many lakes found in the country. Fishing is not really my thing, but both my dad and my boyfriend love it so in the past weeks this is something that we have been doing from time to time. I usually spend time collecting blueberries in the forest or just relaxing and reading by the lake. Continue reading

Salmon dill omelette

salmon dill omelette

Smoked salmon is a must at our Christmas table and luckily for me this delicious fish is sold pretty cheap in Sweden. For our Christmas lunch I had bough smoked rainbow trout, which is quite similar to salmon and is local, but my dad is not a huge fan of small fish (he gets frustrated with fishbones and doesn’t enjoy his meal properly). Furthermore I know that my parents would have also appreciated some salmon at our Christmas table, so in the end I gave in and bought some as well. Continue reading

Fish and chips

Home made fish and chips had been high on my list of foods to try to make at home for a while, so when a friend invited me over the other day and asked me if I had a food in mind that we could cook together I suggested fish and chips. I never really felt like embarking on the fish and chips adventure only for 2, so the fact that there would be 4 people that night motivated me a bit more. In the end making fish and chips proved a very entertaining task that kept us busy for a while. Cooking with beer can be real fun. Continue reading