Chocolate macarons

chocolate macarons

I finally made macarons again. I had promised myself I would at some point, after my first batch, and kept this promise to myself vey true. So the past weekend I decided to embark on this adventure again. Home made macarons are a day-long adventure, so I needed a day filled with spare time to devote myself entirely to this task. Continue reading

Blueberry macarons

blueberry ganache macarons

I’ve been meaning to make macarons for ages, but there were so many things that kept me from trying. First of all, their inglorious fame: so many people say that making macarons is incredibly difficult, with high rates of failure at several stages of the procedure. So I guess I was just not feeling brave enough (or careless enough to face the idea of wasting an expensive ingredient like almond meal for nothing). Second, I did not own a food thermometer, which you need in this recipe. Third, even after I got myself both the thermometer and the courage, I never really happened to have some spare egg whites. So I kept procrastinating. Continue reading