Sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter

Sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter

In Italy gnocchi is a Thursday business. I don’t really know where that originates from, but there’s a saying that goes “giovedì gnocchi”, which translates as “gnocchi on Thursday”. Like Thursday is the day dedicated to this kind of meal. Not just your regular pasta (a feature for any other day of the week): Thursday is for gnocchi. After experimenting this sweet potato gnocchi recipe (and failing it, I have to admit it), I think I know now why it’s giovedì gnocchi. It’s such a hassle that you need the whole weekend to recover! Just kidding, once I got the hang of it I was pretty happy with the result. Continue reading

Walnut cream pasta sauce

Creamy walnut pasta sauce recipe

When I want to impress my guests or just treat myself to a good meal I’ll pull a recipe from my Italian tradition. More than often, despite the aura of fancy that some Italian dishes have, they are easier to make than it may seem. Walnut cream pasta sauce is one of them. Served, it may look like the fanciest sauce ever. In reality, making it is actually pretty easy and requires only a bunch of ingredients that are also quite accessible. Continue reading

Penne al salmone e vodka

On the occasion of my mom’s birthday I am posting a recipe that I have learned from her, and since she taught me to cook in Italian I will keep its original title: penne al salmone e vodka. A luscious pasta dish with a creamy sauce made with salmon, zucchini and vodka. The truth is, pasta comes in many shapes, but for salmon sauce you want to go with penne. That’s a match made in heaven. So think of pasta, perfectly al dente of course, swimming in a creamy sauce with salmon flakes and fried zucchini. Beautiful. Continue reading

Sun-dried tomato and ricotta pesto (pesto rosso)

sundried tomato ricotta pesto

Since I recently gave up on store-bought pesto and started making my own, I decided it is worth at this point getting a little more creative and going beyond fresh basil. Another type of pesto that is quite popular in Italy is pesto rosso, which literally means red pesto, whose main ingredients are (cherry) tomatoes and ricotta cheese. A variation of this is sun-dried tomato pesto. I decided to go for a combination of both. Continue reading

Home-made basil cashew pesto

Learning that home-made pesto is super easy to make was a life saver. As an Italian expat, among the things that I miss the most living abroad there is easily accessible quality Italian food. I’m not too picky and I will eat the mascarpone and the mozzarella that I can find here, but in Italy even the lowest priced brands of such products surpasses in quality what I find here.  One thing I am finding hard to buy where I live, for example, is good pesto. Continue reading

Fresh egg pasta from scratch

fresh home made egg pasta tagliatelle

When my parents were here, my mom and I embarked on the adventure of making some home-made fresh egg pasta. Since I don’t have a pasta machine, we did everything old school, rolling out the dough with a rollling pin, and then cutting the noodles – tagliatelle – with a knife. Pasta dough is much harder than pizza dough, and even if my mom is an expert and makes fresh pasta quite often, the whole old-school rolling proved quite a workout. Continue reading

Lazy Italian cooking

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How come I’m Italian and I hardly ever feature anything Italian on this blog? I mean, lately I made myself bruschetta, alright. At the very beginning of this blog there had been tiramisù. But I’m not very traditional when it comes to eating and I like to experiment, so this is why I’ve been showcasing home-made sushi, reindeer meat and tacos in here. Actually, I set up this blog to share the various foods I eat and cook and the first reader I think of is my mother. Ever since I moved out from my parents’ house I’ve been sending mom pictures of the food I eat. My mom is a foodie at heart and a great cook herself, and this way I got to share my food stories with her while living apart. Until I decided to start this blog and expand my readership. Continue reading

Something Polish: pierogi z jagodami

blueberry pierogi

Blueberry pierogi are the fruity version of one of Poland’s culinary landmarks: pierogi, a.k.a. Polish dumplings. I think that the first time I had blueberries in my life was in this form. It must have been the summer of 1990, more or less, and my Polish grandma had produced dozens of batches of pierogi, like she always does, so that the whole family that day had blue tongues and lips. I don’t have clear memories of that, but I’m sure that I was playing on the carpet and my mom knelt down to me and made me taste blueberries for the first time in my life. Warm blueberriesContinue reading