My wedding photo shoot at Haymarket by Scandic Stockholm

My wedding photo shoot at the beautiful hotel Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm. We took our wedding pictures in the lobby and at the bar Americain. Haymarket is a wonderful location for wedding photography in Stockholm.

When planning our wedding in Stockholm, finding a good place for our wedding photo shoot was among my priorities. The weather in Sweden can always be an unpleasant surprise (especially in the summer), so I wasn’t counting much on taking our wedding photos outdoors. Since we decided to stick around the city centre, I was also afraid that most places would be swarmed with people, especially in case of good weather. For my wedding photo shoot I wanted a place that could grant some beautiful backgrounds to our photos as well as some intimacy during the shooting. I found the perfect place in the hotel Haymarket by Scandic. Continue reading

A pregnancy photo shoot on the beach

Pregnancy photoshoot on an Italian beach

Back in June, when my boyfriend was in Rome visiting his family, I learned that one of his best friends and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. I’ve known them for a few years now, and despite the fact that we only meet once or twice a year they have become dear friends to me, too. Back then I was to travel to Rome myself in August so I couldn’t wait to see them to congratulate myself in person and, well, touch the round belly! Continue reading

An Italian-Australian wedding photo session

Italian-Australian couple wedding photosession

I love weddings, I just can’t deny it. And I love being the photographer at weddings, because I get to document a very important moment in the lives of two people. I get to be the one who takes that one photo they will print and hang on the best wall in the house. The picture that gets sent to all the family members as a thank you card. The picture their daughters will look at with dreamy eyes. It’s such a great honour and I enjoy every moment of it. This feeling can only get better when the wedding couple are my friends. Continue reading

Lupin fields everywhere: a Swedish summer photo session

Lupin season is drawing to a close, but the cold spring we’ve had this year made those pretty purple flowers last a little longer. Lucky that I got back to Sweden in time not to miss this wonderful flowering, I felt like I just had to take advantage of this wonderful sight. So I organized a photo shoot with my friend Ania, who had already posed for me in the past and is always kind enough not to say no. If our previous photo session had been heavily autumn themed, here comes the glory of the Swedish summer. Continue reading

A Polish-Moldovan wedding

As a person who has a hard time managing to keep in touch despite loving human interaction (it sounds insane, I know), I am very grateful to my friends, who acknowledge this feature of mine, accept it, and manage to stay friends. Having lived in more than one place, I have made friends in many countries and sadly these friendships are cursed with long distance and my poor skills at decently keeping in touch. Yet, even in such circumstances, some of them do last. That one Skype conversation a year is really all it takes, and when we get to meet in person it’s always fantastic. So on my yearly Skype call with the friend this post is about I got the news that she got engaged and last week I flew to Poland for her wedding. Continue reading

Parkour in the forest

Our most recent guest was a friend of my boyfriend’s that happens to be a professional gymnast who also does parkour. When I took him on a walk in the lovely forests around our house and he sampled the soft texture of the moss under his feet he felt the urge to take a few jumps and asked me to take some photos. The disappointment for the total lack of snow (between Christmas and New Year’s temperatures went anomalously up and all the snow suddenly melted, and with it the hope to see a winter wonderland visiting us at this time of the year) turned into a good opportunity to jump around the forest. Continue reading

In the woods

As autumn is slowly rolling in, these days I am enjoying the company of a dear friend of mine visiting us in Sweden. Coming from Italy, she is finding the crisp air a pleasant reward after a very hot summer. She has posed for me in the past, when we were both living in Poland and also the first time she came to Sweden, in the middle of the winter, wearing lace on a frozen lake (yes, I like my models crazy), so I just couldn’t miss the opportunity for a photo shoot also this time.  Continue reading

Portrait of a violinist

I don’t only photograph food. That’s what I showcase mostly on this blog, but I really like to shoot portraits, too. The thing about food is just that it passively lets me photograph it anytime, while in order to photograph human beings there are a lot of other factors at play. One of them is the interaction between photographer and model that needs to take place during the photoshoot, the perfect harmony that makes good portraits happen. Continue reading

Autumn photo session #1

autumn ania

I made it pretty clear already that autumn is my favourite season because of the beautiful colours that nature conjures up. Well, I just can’t get enough of it. The other day I was sitting at a friend’s place and her window faces a group of trees that were displaying all kinds of colours against the bluest of skies in the backgroud and I just couldn’t stop staring. So gorgeous. It made me long for a photo session with autumn leaves in the hair and my friend agreed to pose for that. Continue reading