A pie for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving pumpkin pie

The past weekend with my colleagues at the international school we celebrated Thanksgiving. I spent my whole Saturday preparing food, eating, eating, eating some more and having an overall fabulous time with my colleagues. Many come from North America and were eager to share this important festivity with the rest of the staff. For me, it was a really good way to get to enjoy foods I don’t get to taste very often, including a big fat turkey. Continue reading

Chocolate tart

For our soon-to-be-celebrated anniversary, I got a new tart pan from my boyfriend. We picked it on our most recent trip to the Åland islands in a shop that is an amateur baker’s paradise and one of my go-to places whenever I happen to be visiting the Finnish archipelago. I decided not to wait for our anniversary to use it, and since we have a guest right now I thought this would be the perfect excuse to inaugurate it.  Continue reading

Blueberry tart with a crumbly top

fresh blueberry shortcrust tart

Just like last year, we are swarmed with blueberries these weeks. One can’t just go for a walk without kneeling down and picking some. Just like last year, I have rediscovered how much I love picking blueberries. I find it extremely relaxing and fulfilling: you are close to nature and you get back home with a bucket full of vitamins. Moreover, this gets me creative in the kitchen, as I like to turn my berries into pie fillings. Continue reading

Mini blueberry pies

Baking smaller versions of tarts in a muffin tin can be great fun. I have uploaded proof of this on this blog when I made miniature leek pies, and with this post I want to prove how much I enjoy using my muffin tin for mini pies. Sweet blueberry pies, this time. Continue reading

Lemon and lime meringue pie

A few days ago I prepared some lemon and lime curd. My ultimate intention was to use it to make lemon (and lime) meringue pie. I had read online that originally lemon meringue pies were made with classic lemon curd and a meringue topping, and this is what I wanted to recreate. Continue reading