Apple cinnamon mini shortcrust pies

Apple cinnamon mini pies

Apple cinnamon pie rhymes with comfort food (no, it doesn’t). But seriously, this might be the most basic pie, yet to so many people it brings back childhood memories. A warm apple pie that fills the room with its flavour. Add the warming hint of cinnamon and you reach sensory heaven. What’s more? The butter, of course. A proper buttery and flaky pastry that, when warm, releases its butter scent. Apple, cinnamon, butter. Warm. Want some more? A side of sweetened whipped cream. BAM! Continue reading

Raspberry custard tarts

Home-made custard tarts decorated with freshly picked raspberries

No blueberries this year. What a big disappointment. Last year when my parents visited at the beginning of August, they went out blueberry picking every day and filled my freezer with endless supplies. Flash forward to one year later and the bushes are all empty. No harvest time for my parents. Except for one time, when they came back from their afternoon walks in the neighbourhood with some raspberries. Continue reading

A pie for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving pumpkin pie

The past weekend with my colleagues at the international school we celebrated Thanksgiving. I spent my whole Saturday preparing food, eating, eating, eating some more and having an overall fabulous time with my colleagues. Many come from North America and were eager to share this important festivity with the rest of the staff. For me, it was a really good way to get to enjoy foods I don’t get to taste very often, including a big fat turkey. Continue reading

Chocolate tart

For our soon-to-be-celebrated anniversary, I got a new tart pan from my boyfriend. We picked it on our most recent trip to the Åland islands in a shop that is an amateur baker’s paradise and one of my go-to places whenever I happen to be visiting the Finnish archipelago. I decided not to wait for our anniversary to use it, and since we have a guest right now I thought this would be the perfect excuse to inaugurate it.  Continue reading

Blueberry tart with a crumbly top

fresh blueberry shortcrust tart

Blueberry tart is a summertime favourite. When the season is right and the bushes in the forests are exploding with the dark and delicious berries one can only pick, bake and repeat. Blueberry picking in the forest is seriously almost a therapy, it’s so relaxing. Baking is another stress reliever to me. Just get me a bowl, some flour and sugar and I will instantly feel better. Making blueberry pie is the perfect finish after a relaxing walk in the woods, when you come back with a bucket full of the delicious little fruits.
Continue reading

Pecan pie

pecan pie recipe

Among the many favourite desserts of mine there is pecan pie. I grew fond of pecans while in Canada, where I would often grab a Maple Pecan Danish with my coffee at Tim Hortons (ah memories). I later learned to make pecan pie from scratch, and although pecans are not always easy to find (and also not very cheap) in Europe, from time to time I like to buy some and enjoy a nice slice of pecan pie. Continue reading

Lemon and lime curd

I finally got myself a tart pan! I still very much enjoy making savoury pies in springform pans, but it’s good to have a proper tart pan for the times when you want your broccoli pie to look glamorous and like a real tart. I have a pie in my mind that implies the use of lemon curd, so I’ve been meaning to make some for a while. Last week I took home from my grocery shopping 5 limes (they were on promotion), so I needed to find something to do with them. Curd for my upcoming pie sounded like the best solution! Continue reading

Blåbärspaj or Swedish blueberry pie

swedish blueberry pie

One year after I moved to Sweden, the study of the language has gone disappointingly not so well. I had planned to do better, and instead here I am, one year in, knowing fewer words than I had planned to learn. The truth is that it can get extremely hard to get to practice a language when everyone speaks perfect English and is too kind to let you stagger in your broken Swedish so immediately turns to English out of politeness. Determined to expand my vocabulary, I decided that I should start from what I like, so I turned to Swedish recipes.  Continue reading