Quinoa salad with roasted cherry tomatoes, feta and pesto

Quinoa salad with roasted tomatoes, feta and pesto

Quinoa salad is a very nice meal option, and the one I’m featuring in this post can work as starter, main course or even snack. It’s packed with things that are both tasty and good for you, like olive oil and cherry tomatoes, plus it’s completely vegetarian! Switch the feta for a non-dairy cheese substitute and this salad will easily turn vegan. It is my go-to option when I have vegetarian guests, they usually really love it.

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Roasted pumpkin salad with feta and walnuts

Roasted Pumpkin salad

Adjusting to Sweden’s food availability I noticed one thing: pumpkins are not very popular. Butternut squash is available year round, and I feel lucky because it’s my favourite type. But finding other kinds of squash and pumpkins is not so easy. There is one time when stores suddenly have them and that is around Halloween. Rather than for eating, they’re sold for lanterns. When Halloween is done, unsold pumpkins drop in price and that’s when I took a muscat squash home and made roasted pumpkin salad. Continue reading

Farro salad with baked cod, peas and feta

Summer is finally here, this time it’s for real and that calls for one thing: salads! No, I’m kidding, summer in Sweden equals barbeque. Only when it’s sunny and warm, though. Salads are the alternative for those days when you’d rather eat in. Or, a nice side dish to your hot dog when you’re still in the mood for salad on those nice summer evenings. A nicely balanced salad that alone can work as a proper meal is one that features some nice grains as well as some protein to go with the veggies.  Continue reading

Salad with honey lime vinaigrette

salad with honey lime dressing

In downtown Krakow, laying midway between the place where I used to live and the historical centre of the city, there is a really nice café/eatery called Dynia. It was my boyfriend who took me there for the first time, and it has ever since become a favourite place where to meet with friends. The portions are big and honestly priced, the place is really cozy and the staff is friendly, so there is really not much more that can be asked of them. Plus, in the summer you can sit outside in the patio, which to me is eerily beautiful, because it is enclosed between old and crumpled houses that contrast so sharply with the nice décor of the café. This clash between shabby past and classy present is a recurrent feature in many of those young bars found in Krakow, something I used to love a lot when I was living there. Continue reading

Chicken and rocket salad with curry-mayo dressing

curry chicken arugula

Recently my curry-mayo sauce has become a favourite at BBQs. I love making my own mayonnaise, and I love using it as base for other sauces. This is how I started making my curry-mayo sauce. I wanted something mayo-based, but lighter (less fat) and with a kick. So I thought about combining Greek yoghurt to my mayo (low fat Greek yoghurt will also do, and will be even less fat) and adding some spices.  Continue reading