Cashew milk, oats & banana smoothie

banana cashew milk oats smoothie

One never stops learning. Only a few weeks ago I would have never imagined that oats in milkshakes actually work. I mean, rolled oats! Porridge is the only thing that comes into my mind and it features steaming hot milk. I would have never thought of adding plain oats to a milkshake, yet apparently not only is this a thing, but it actually works really well! A spoonful of oats and your shake will gain texture and will also be enriched with a bunch of precious nutrients such as iron and fiber. Continue reading

Single-serving applesauce

Let’s make things clear – applesauce is not exclusively a type of baby food. I consider it comfort food. Maybe the reason should be found in the fact that applesauce is so easy to eat that it requires the table manners and eating skills of an infant, hence the comfort. Whatever! Applesauce is not only baby food and it’s something that I really really enjoy. Especially warm, straight out of the pot. On the spot. You make it, you eat. What a bliss. Continue reading

The sinful green smoothie

I’ve been meaning to try to make my own green smoothies ever since my New York days, when I was surrounded by so many people who seemed obsessed with green smoothies, especially with kale. I am not crazy about kale at all, but I do like baby spinach and I know there’s a whole world of baby spinach-based green smoothies out there. I just never bothered to explore it until now. Continue reading

Blueberry lavender milkshake

Summer’s gone and it left my freezer full of blueberries. By saying full I mean that I have about 6 Kg of frozen blueberries in my freezer. I’ve been happily baking pies, made some jars of jam, yet the supply seems infinite and everytime I open a freezer drawer looking for something else I discover one more bag of blueberries. Summer’s gone and with minus temperatures outside one might think, why make milkshakes? Well, it may be cold outside but my apartment is nice and warm, so I’m happy to enjoy my cold glass of awesomeness looking at the flurrying snow outiside. Continue reading

Avocado banana smoothie

avocado banana smoothie

Avocado is one of my favourite foods. My love for it started from sushi, then further developed from there. My latest favourite way to enjoy this fabulous pear-shaped Mexican green gold is in smoothies. Probably my favourite combination in a smoothie is together with banana – another favourite fruit for smoothies (I could add a banana to every blend. Every-single-fruit-blend).  Continue reading

Banana Digestive smoothie

An easy smoothie that requires only three ingredients: a banana, some milk, and 2 Digestive biscuits.

When it comes to smoothies, bananas are just the perfect fruit. Once blended, they add that sweet and creamy and velvety texture that combines well with almost every other fruit. They’re wonderful also alone, or blended together with yoghurt (ever since I tried flavouring my own yoghurt with a banana, I swore I’d never buy a banana yoghurt again, but always go for natural yoghurt with one actual banana blended inside).

Continue reading

Strawberry smoothie

Scandinavia in early summer is the absolute land of strawberries. I remember on my first May in Norway seeing strawberries being sold at every corner, and inhaling the strong smell of this wonderful fruit every time I entered a grocery store. I was particularly struck by the abundance of strawberries in mid-Norway, and particularly in Trondheim. In my memories, Trondheim smells of fresh strawberries. This strawberry craze proved real also in Sweden: in May, strawberry-shaped booths started to magically appear in front of every grocery store, and during the stores’ opening hours these booths were dedicated to the retail of strawberries. Impressive. Continue reading