Zupa Pomidorowa, the Polish tomato soup

Zupa pomidorowa, Polish tomato soup. With its sweet and sour taste it is a classic of the Polish cuisine

Zupa pomidorowa translates from Polish as tomato soup. If you ask me, that name’s just a mere description. That soup is so much more. Zupa pomidorowa is one of the most traditional soups in Polish cuisine. The culinary tradition of Poland is rich in soups, as a kid I did not love all of them. I loved very few soups, actually. But this one was my favourite. It has such a unique flavour, different from any other soup I knew.

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Green pea and ricotta soup

Green pea and ricotta soup recipe

The inspiration to make pea soup with ricotta came from the Ikea catalogue. I know, right? I love the Ikea catalogue, it always has those beautiful photos of homes that are filled with stuff yet never look messy. I don’t know how they do it, I also have the house filled with cute stuff, but I seem to never achieve the same level of balance between the objects and the ambience. But that doesn’t matter. One of these beautiful bowls in a beautiful kitchen featured ricotta and pea soup. Continue reading

Autumn soup: pumpkin curry with coconut milk (vegan)

There is one type of soup that makes me think of autumn and that is pumpkin curry. It has become a favourite since we moved to Sweden. In Sweden seasons are pretty intense and autumns are chilly and full of pretty-coloured leaves. This soup is heart-warming and has a wonderful orange tone. Really – So. Much. Autumn. I like to call it my autumn soup. No point arguing that curry is not a very Swedish flavour, as Sweden is that kind of country where it’s pretty easy to get in touch with many different cuisines. So yes, curry is a thing in Sweden. So is vegan cooking. My autumn soup, this pumpkin curry ode to the Swedish autumn is also vegan. I just love it.

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Butternut squash soup

butternut squash soup

I learned what a butternut squash is when I was in Canada. I had never had one before. That autumn in Toronto butternut squash was something I would stumble upon quite often while grocery shopping. I remember also having roasted butternut squash for lunch at a restaurant in Ottawa. I loved it, and wished to get to know this vegetable a bit better. Continue reading

Leek & potato cream soup

leek potato cream soup

As a kid I used to hate pureed soups. They just did not make sense. I hated that all the flavours were mixed together and the soup had a random vegetable taste. Furthermore, they seemed kind of deceiving – my mom could have put any undeclared vegetable in them and I wouldn’t have known. I don’t like not knowing what I’m eating. But I guess that the most disturbing feature was the random mixture of flavours that just did not make any sense. Continue reading