Ice skating on frozen lakes

Winter is the time for skiing, building snowmen, having snowflakes land in your mouth and of course ice skating. Here in mid-Sweden around the end of December temperatures drop to -15°C and below and lakes freeze up. The same lakes where I bathe and go paddle boarding in the summer in January are rock solid and perfect for wintertime sports like ice skating, cross country skiing and ice fishing. The thing about Sweden is that no matter the season, you are always supposed to be out there enjoying the great outdoors. Continue reading

Up close and personal – 2016 in review

So another year has come to an end, marking two and a half years since I moved to Sweden. From this point of view, I can see how 2016 has brought progress and I am thankful to see that hard work keeps paying off. It’s time for another more personal blog post related to my life (in Sweden), a post less about food or photos and more about myself. More food will come, more photos from beautiful places, too, but today it’s a bit more about myself. For a change. Continue reading