Zanzibar #2 – a tale of a beautiful holiday

essque zalu zanzibar resort

I call myself very lucky for having had the chance to travel quite often to many beautiful places. I’m not the type of person that enjoys shopping a lot, so I mostly save my money to travel. Coming from a family of many expats located in several countries, and having many international friends, on many of my travels I have been able to save on accommodation as I was travelling to visit friends or family. This was also the case of my latest trip to Zanzibar. Continue reading

Zanzibar #1 – a tale of a beautiful island

Despite my intention to keep up with blogging over my summer vacations, I see that I haven’t spent much time here at all in the past weeks. In my previous post I was baking a strawberry cake for my boyfriend’s grandparents in Rome, but then at the beginning of July we traveled to Zanzibar and I just focused on taking it all in and being served delicious foods without having to cook for myself. I had the chance to see a breathtakingly beautiful place and with this post I want to share some of my photographic memories of the trip. Continue reading