Creamy pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes

creamy pasta with cherry tomatoes

We Italians can be awfully picky eaters. We pride ourselves for coming from one of the places in the world with the best food, and then tend to forget that there’s a whole world out there that is not doing that bad when it comes to preparing food, after all. Sure, Italian food will forever be my favourite, but I think that keeping an open mind is something a few more Italians should consider doing.

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Oven-roasted cherry tomatoes

roasted cherry tomatoes

Last week I bought cherry tomatoes with the intention of eating them on Thursday, the day that I start working at 12:00 and I usually have to fit in a quick lunch around 11:00 before I leave home. Cherry tomato and tuna salad was my plan. But then that particular Thurdsay morning I decided to get busy in the kitchen and I just forgot about the cherry tomatoes. I almost forgot to have lunch at all, that day. So a few days later, during the weekend, I opened the fridge and saw that package of cherry tomatoes. Some of them showing off serious wrinkles. Continue reading

Cilantro Lime Rice

It all started two months ago, when I stumbled upon a very interesting recipe on one of the first food blogs I have ever followed, cilantro lime rice by Cooking with a Wallflower. Sometimes I find recipes and I wonder how on Earth I had never come up with such ideas myself, spontaneously. I lovelovelove guacamole and I often think that my big love is mostly for the avocado, but the thing about guacamole is also the peculiar flavours of lime and cilantro that make the avocado mash special. Why didn’t I ever think of adding lime and cilantro to rice? Continue reading


I come from a country that has a lot in common with Switzerland, including a shared border, the Alps and a language (Italian is one of the official languages of Switzerland), yet I had never heard of rösti earlier than last year. Never even ate them by chance. I had had something pretty similar in Poland (placki ziemniaczane) but rösti are not quite the same thing, despite being potato-based just like the Polish fritters. I guess that one of the main differences between Italy and Switzerland (even Canton Ticino) is a different main source of starches. Continue reading

Coconut lentil curry

There is only one thing that can beat the good feeling of finishing a book you’ve enjoyed, and that’s finding some reference to it in real life. Reading a novel set in India leaves you with a desire for some nice spicy food and finding Indian recipes in the book came as a great surprise when I turned the last page of the novel and found there was more content. The novel was Ladies Coupé by Anita Nair and it was the spring of 2011. Continue reading

Roasted pepper & walnut hummus

Roasted pepper walnut hummus

After trying my skills at avocado hummus and learning how rewarding it is to make it and serve it, mashed chickpeas combined with tahini have become quite a regular dinner option in my house and I have started experimenting other types of hummus as well. I don’t always have falafel or pita bread to pair my hummus with, but I have started making it especially when I have some old bread that needs to be revived in the oven. Hummus serves as perfect dip to go with that. Continue reading

Basic bruschetta (on Swedish bread)


Bruschetta is the perfect appetizer at Italian BBQs. Just think about it: the bread gets grilled straight on the BBQ, garlic and tomatoes are found in every Italian house (especially in the summer) and the same applies for olive oil. It takes little to make it and it’s such a nice and fresh treat to get your stomach ready for the night. At least, it works for me. I’ve been spending at least a part of my summer holidays in Rome for three years now, visiting my boyfriend’s family and friends, and every time someone hosts a BBQ night, bruschetta is always what comes first. And I love it. Continue reading