Friday evening BBQs by the lake

Having a BBQ on a Friday evening has started to become a habit that will be hard to let go when – soon! – the summer will be over. Sweden has been very kind lately and awarded us with an astonishing record of three consecutive weeks of good weather. Although it gets chilly now after the sun sets, this still happens quite late in the day, thus allowing plenty of time to enjoy dinner en plein air

Not far from where we live there is a popular beach with several free BBQ places. It has become our favourite dinner spot on Friday evenings. Why go to a pub and spend money on food and expensive drinks (this is Sweden, drinking is expensive) when you can enjoy a night out with your friends by a Swedish lake? When the sun goes down, this is as beautiful as it can get:

lake varpan falun sweden

Everyone contributes with something: some bring the bread, others the meat, there’s who brings the sauces, and who brings the coal. I usually bring cake; “I have to bake something for the blog” has become my favourite line. And curry mayo, which I have self-proclaimed “the taste of the summer of 2015”. As for the alcohol, we go by the rule of Swedish parties that since it is expensive, everyone brings his own.

Yesterday the Australians delighted us with home-made hamburgers that featured spring onion, carrot and apple mixed in the meat. I’m not sure I understood whether the true Aussie hamburger must also feature all of the following: fried eggs, beets and pineapple, but those ingredients also showed up on our table yesterday. I didn’t want to mix too many flavours and went for a more traditional tomato and fried onion option to pair with my meat patty, but the delighted faces of my fellow diners that went for the “put them all in” option confirmed that the true Aussie burger must have tasted great.

swedish summer bbq

swedish summer bbq

swedish summer bbq

We drank one more beer and stayed until the sun completely set and the temperature dropped several degrees. You cannot forget your sweater home anymore now, because even if the days still feel warm, summer is slowly leaving room for autumn, and the evenings and nights already have a different feeling.

Until the cold will keep us inside, we are very much enjoying our Friday evening BBQs by the lake.

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