In the woods

As autumn is slowly rolling in, these days I am enjoying the company of a dear friend of mine visiting us in Sweden. Coming from Italy, she is finding the crisp air a pleasant reward after a very hot summer. She has posed for me in the past, when we were both living in Poland and also the first time she came to Sweden, in the middle of the winter, wearing lace on a frozen lake (yes, I like my models crazy), so I just couldn’t miss the opportunity for a photo shoot also this time. 

Apart from being one of my favourite models, my friend is also an illustrator and in the forest near my house she found a lot of inspiration for her drawings. When we went out to take some photos, I decided to shoot her being herself, drawing in the woods. I took my inspiration from her taking inspiration from the nature all around. An inspiration chain.

girl in the woodsgirl in the woodsgirl in the woodsgirl in the woodsAfter a change of clothes, I decided to focus a bit more on how she was interacting with the little elements of the forest. The nature is always impressively beautiful up here, but in autumn it’s at its most beautiful and right now we are very close to the explosion of that colourful glory.girl in the woodslaura in the woodsgirl in the woodslaura13girl in the woodsIf you would like to see more of her, please visit her page at this link. Thank you Laura for posing for me again and again – it’s always a pleasure!

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