Portrait of a violinist

I don’t only photograph food. That’s what I showcase mostly on this blog, but I really like to shoot portraits, too. The thing about food is just that it passively lets me photograph it anytime, while in order to photograph human beings there are a lot of other factors at play. One of them is the interaction between photographer and model that needs to take place during the photoshoot, the perfect harmony that makes good portraits happen.

I’m maybe making it sound quite “musical”, and that is perhaps because my most recent session featured a friend – and co-worker – who also happens to be a violin player. To feature in these photographs his violin was his request, and I was very happy to comply. Our initial plan to do our photoshoot in a church was disrupted by an unplanned wedding happening in said church at the time we decided to meet for the photos. So we spontaneously decided to take our pictures outside and began our session on the train tracks just outside the church.violinist violin player portraitviolinist violin player portraitAfter taking some pictures on the railroad (I personally adore the sense of perspective train tracks add to a picture, and have actually taken some of my first portraits ever on train tracks, now that I think about it) we moved to his neighbourhood and took some photos with some Swedish red wooden houses in the background.

violinist violin player portraitportrait of a violin playerviolinist violin player portraitviolinist violin player portraitLastly, we set the violin aside and took a couple of portraits without it. The man before the musician.

At some point it started raining – it’s June in Sweden, after all: rain is a reality – but we decided to act Swedish and kept shooting. I also decided that the raindrops on his jacket didn’t bother me at all. As I said, rain is as much of a Swedish feature as the red wooden houses, and since the photoshoot took place on a June afternoon, why pretend the rain was not part of it at all? So before finding shelter and hot coffee at a friend’s place we finished off our photoshoot with those last portraits under the Swedish summer rain.

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