Strawberry smoothie

Scandinavia in early summer is the absolute land of strawberries. I remember on my first May in Norway seeing strawberries being sold at every corner, and inhaling the strong smell of this wonderful fruit every time I entered a grocery store. I was particularly struck by the abundance of strawberries in mid-Norway, and particularly in Trondheim. In my memories, Trondheim smells of fresh strawberries. This strawberry craze proved real also in Sweden: in May, strawberry-shaped booths started to magically appear in front of every grocery store, and during the stores’ opening hours these booths were dedicated to the retail of strawberries. Impressive.

Driven by a genuine love for this fruit, a stop by the strawberry-shaped booth has become a healthy habit of mine. My greatest sin is to enjoy strawberries blended with sugar and heavy cream – that is the absolute translation of heaven in the mouth to me. But you cannot have this sinful blend on a daily basis, unfortunately, or it will turn quite unhealthy in the end. So I came up with a healthier alternative that also worked pretty well.

Strawberry smoothie

What you need is:

  • fresh strawberries
  • fresh grapes
  • Greek yoghurt

Quantities are to taste. In Sweden I find seedless grapes, which are perfect for blending, as they spare you the hassle of deseeding them. Those I buy come from Chile and are extremely sweet, so I thought that they could work well as sugar substitutes. Strawberries are naturally sweet, but sometimes they can be a little bit too much on the sour side, plus if you pair them with yoghurt instead of heavy cream, you might want to add a sweeter ingredient to balance the potential sourness of the strawberries and yoghurt combination. Just combine the strawberries and grapes, blend them, and serve together with Greek yoghurt. Unlike with heavy cream, which I like to blend in because it’s liquid, I prefer to keep the yoghurt separated, so that I can achieve the two-toned effect in the glass, but also to keep the flavours distinct and have them blended only once they’re in the mouth.

Strawberry smoothie

Although some grape skin is a good provider of nutrients, I find it a little bothering, especially since I like to drink my smoothie through a straw. I did not remove it all, but a part of it got stuck in my blender itself, and I just did not put it back into my smoothie. A genuinely large straw does help, anyway. The one in the picture above comes from Jysk.

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