Salmon dill omelette

salmon dill omelette

Smoked salmon is a must at our Christmas table and luckily for me this delicious fish is sold pretty cheap in Sweden. For our Christmas lunch I had bough smoked rainbow trout, which is quite similar to salmon and is local, but my dad is not a huge fan of small fish (he gets frustrated with fishbones and doesn’t enjoy his meal properly). Furthermore I know that my parents would have also appreciated some salmon at our Christmas table, so in the end I gave in and bought some as well. Continue reading

Roasted peppers with tuna mayo

tuna mayo peppers

I hadn’t started making roasted peppers until I learned how simple it is. Really, what you need is just an oven and aluminium foil. And peppers, of course. As for mayonnaise, after I got myself a blender last year (it took me so long to get myself one and now I really don’t know how I managed to live two whole years in Poland without!) I started making home-made mayo pretty often. If I can’t do anything about it being fat, at least when it’s home-made it’s fresh and has no preservatives, so if there is any positive outcome from eating mayo, at least having my own home-made one makes me feel less guilty while eating it. Continue reading