Avocado tuna sandwiches

Today I woke up with a taste for avocado, so I went to my local supermarket and to my delight I saw that avocados were on discount! This usually happens when most of the avocados in store are approaching ripeness, so they try to sell them more easily by lowering their price, and it is usually a double win for me, as I get to pay a little less and it’s easier for me to find avocados that are perfectly ready to eat and don’t require sitting on my kitchen shelf for days before I get to eat them. Continue reading

The military diet: alternative meals

military diet alternative meal

Here I am, with an update on my experience with the military diet. I’ve been doing it for three weeks now, but I must admit that I haven’t always been very strict on the 1500-calorie regime on the four days off. This is perhaps the reason why I’m not finding I have lost the promised weight so far. Supposedly, the military diet should help you lose “up to 10 pounds” after the first 3 days. This was not true for me, but I suppose that the more one weighs, the more weight one can potentially lose. I am not saying I haven’t lost any weight at all, anyway. I did not weigh myself on the first day of diet, but I had weighed myself the week before, and from that weight I am 4 Kg lighter now.  Continue reading

Strawberry smoothie

Scandinavia in early summer is the absolute land of strawberries. I remember on my first May in Norway seeing strawberries being sold at every corner, and inhaling the strong smell of this wonderful fruit every time I entered a grocery store. I was particularly struck by the abundance of strawberries in mid-Norway, and particularly in Trondheim. In my memories, Trondheim smells of fresh strawberries. This strawberry craze proved real also in Sweden: in May, strawberry-shaped booths started to magically appear in front of every grocery store, and during the stores’ opening hours these booths were dedicated to the retail of strawberries. Impressive. Continue reading