Brown lemonade

brown sugar lemonade

“Lemonade can’t be brown!” was the comment I got when I lay on the table a jug full of my newest lemonade. That, and a puzzled look on the face. “But it features muscovado sugar…”, was my reply. Indeed, the beverage looked more like a fancy attempt to revive old coca cola gone flat, rather than a regular lemonade. But why does lemonade have to be yellow? I mean, it can be pink, too, right? So why not brown? Again, it has awesome brown sugar in it! Continue reading

Lemon-poppyseed Bundt cake

I made lemon-poppyseed cake a few weeks ago for fika at my Swedish language course. As I mentioned in my previous post I have started attending one a few months ago together with my coworkers and I have volunteered to take care of fika and bring baked goods to class every Monday. I thought this would be a great way to force myself to find the time to photograph and share on the blog what I’d be baking for my Swedish class the following day. Continue reading

Lemon and lime curd

I finally got myself a tart pan! I still very much enjoy making savoury pies in springform pans, but it’s good to have a proper tart pan for the times when you want your broccoli pie to look glamorous and like a real tart. I have a pie in my mind that implies the use of lemon curd, so I’ve been meaning to make some for a while. Last week I took home from my grocery shopping 5 limes (they were on promotion), so I needed to find something to do with them. Curd for my upcoming pie sounded like the best solution! Continue reading

Mini Bundt cakes with lemon icing

mini bundt cakes

I have developed an obsession for Bundt cakes, they have such a wonderful shape. Recently I even got myself a silicone mini Bundt cake pan which I have used for the latest sweet treats I baked for a dinner with friends. I have never been a great fan of silicone cake forms; I find old school tins sturdier and easier to handle and clean, so I never really converted to silicone bakeware. The same cannot be said about kitchen utensils: my rubber spatulas have almost completely replaced wooden spoons!  Continue reading