Sausage Risotto with Radicchio

By: Electric Blue Food

The Ingredients

300 g risotto rice 200 g salsiccia 1 radicchio 100 ml white wine 1 L vegetable stock 1 shallot 50 g butter 50 g parmesan salt to taste

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Step 1

Mince the shallot, slice the radicchio, crumble the sausage and heat the stock.

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Step 2

Melt the butter and sauté the onion and sausage.

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Step 3

Add the rice, toast a couple of minutes, then add the wine.

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Step 4

Add the radicchio and wilt for a couple of minutes

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Step 5

Add the stock in batches and simmer until absorbed.

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Step 6

Remove from the heat and fold in more butter and cheese

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Step 7

Serve and enjoy!