Tuna and feta stuffed zucchini

Back in June, when I had not yet started my summer vacations and my boyfriend was already in Italy (I flew to him as soon as school was over), during one of our phone conversations my boyfriend mentioned the tuna stuffed zucchini he had had for lunch. When I have to cook for myself only I tend to get very monotonous and little creative, but when he mentioned tuna stuffed zucchini and I incidentally had one lonely zucchini sitting in the fridge I found the inspiration to cook for myself and not only feed on yoghurt and müsli. Continue reading

Fresh egg pasta

fresh home made egg pasta tagliatelle

When my parents were here, my mom and I embarked on the adventure of making some home-made fresh egg pasta. Since I don’t have a pasta machine, we did everything old school, rolling out the dough with a rollling pin, and then cutting the tagliatelle with a knife. Pasta dough is much harder than pizza dough, and even if my mom is an expert and makes fresh pasta quite often, the whole old-school rolling proved quite a workout. Continue reading

Denmark-inspired beef patty smørrebrød

smørrebrød danish open sandwich

While flying back from Italy two months ago, I kept myself entertained reading Finnair’s inflight magazine Blue Wings. I loved everything about Finnair (it’s all here) and of course I could but love their magazine. Browsing through it, my eye caught the picture of a hamburger with a raw egg yolk on top – I immediately started reading the article related to that food picture. It was about a Danish restaurant that serves very classy and interesting versions of smørrebrød, the Scandinavian open sandwich. I kept this delicious idea in mind, with the intention to recreate it at home. Continue reading