Oat cream-based zebra cake

In my everlasting quest to make the perfect cakes suitable for my food-intolerant friends and colleagues, I have started exploring oat-based products more and more. This also applies to adapting the recipes I use when working with my students in order to include those who cannot eat dairy products. It’s important to be able to be allergy-friendly in the kitchen. It all started with oat milk and deveoped from that. In this recipe I’m using cream, and using oat cream makes this zebra cake suitable for people with a milk allergy. Continue reading

Lemony yoghurt loaf cake

There are only a few little pleasures in life that can compare with whipping up an easy cake from scratch. Little effort, few ingredients, a simple procedure and your house suddenly smells like something sweet is baking in the oven. Even as experienced as I like to consider myself – on a domestic level, of course – and despite the fact that I enjoy the challenge of a complex recipe, I find that getting busy with a simple cake sometimes can be even more rewarding. Continue reading

Cinnamon sweet bread loaf

I recently ventured into making sweet breads together with my mom, who literally obsessed over blueberry-filled buns, something she used to love a lot back in Poland. Blueberry season is in full swing right now in Sweden and my mom is going out for walks everyday, and everyday she comes back with a bucket full of the above-mentioned little fruits. After checking a few recipes to make the buns she had been dreaming of, we settled for a nice dough that opened up various other possibilities for us. Continue reading

Banana bread with chocolate chips

banana bread chocolate chips

What to do when you have two very ripe bananas and you need to get rid of them? Banana bread is the answer. There are several ways to make it and extra ingredients that can be added, this time I went for a very classic option – with chocolate chips. I have other versions in mind, like with chocolate and waluts, which will also be featured on this blog sooner or later. The next time I find myself with two ripe bananas to get rid of, for example. Continue reading

Nectarine and blueberry cake

nectarine blueberry loaf cake

Nectarines are cheap this week at my local supermarket, so with my latest groceries I took some home. My freezer is full of blueberries I’ve been picking in the past weeks. Nectarines and blueberries are a nice combination in a cake, I thought. So I decided to try and use my mom’s trusted recipe for fruit cakes with these two. The outcome’s a very light and moist cake, perfect with juicy fruits like fresh strawberries. With strawberries is actually how my mom always prepares this cake, and usually she makes it in a muffin pan, so that it comes in the form of cupcakes! Apart from changing the fruits, I decided I’d also change the shape of the cake, so I made it in a loaf pan. Continue reading