Diet update and diet food inspiration

spinach omelette

I haven’t been posting updates on my experience with the military diet (and my ups and downs with it) for a while. It’s been a month and a half and I’ve been losing approximately a kilo per week until about 10 days ago, when I suddenly stopped losing weight and gained one kilo back. I guess this was supposed to happen at some point and I think I know more or less why this happened. Still, I’m 6 kilos lighter than I was back in Italy when I reached my heaviest weight, so although slow, there has been some progress in getting back in shape. Continue reading

Banana Digestive smoothie

An easy smoothie that requires only three ingredients: a banana, some milk, and 2 Digestive biscuits.

When it comes to smoothies, bananas are just the perfect fruit. Once blended, they add that sweet and creamy and velvety texture that combines well with almost every other fruit. They’re wonderful also alone, or blended together with yoghurt (ever since I tried flavouring my own yoghurt with a banana, I swore I’d never buy a banana yoghurt again, but always go for natural yoghurt with one actual banana blended inside).

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The military diet: alternative meals

military diet alternative meal

Here I am, with an update on my experience with the military diet. I’ve been doing it for three weeks now, but I must admit that I haven’t always been very strict on the 1500-calorie regime on the four days off. This is perhaps the reason why I’m not finding I have lost the promised weight so far. Supposedly, the military diet should help you lose “up to 10 pounds” after the first 3 days. This was not true for me, but I suppose that the more one weighs, the more weight one can potentially lose. I am not saying I haven’t lost any weight at all, anyway. I did not weigh myself on the first day of diet, but I had weighed myself the week before, and from that weight I am 4 Kg lighter now.  Continue reading

The Military Diet: day 3

military diet day 3

I have reached the final day of “monitored fasting” according to the military diet. For the rest of the week I can resume a normal eating regime. If I want the diet to be effective, even in the 4 days off I should not eat more than 1500 calories, but at least I can decide what to eat and I can make my own portions. So far, the most frustrating part of the diet has been changing foods every morning. Continue reading

The Military Diet: day 2

day 2 military diet

Here goes day 2 of the military diet. Quite surprisingly, I didn’t wake up hungry as hell this morning, but was feeling okay. Yesterday I did some exercise, so I burned even more calories. I need that if I want to lose some real weight; although the military diet should work also without any exercise, I believe that moving the body is never a wrong decision. Overall, I have very positive feelings about the first day. Continue reading

The Military Diet: day 1

military diet day 1

I’m back in Sweden from my Italian holiday and I really feel like I need to lose a few grams. I’ve been eating so well, but at times I feel like I have eaten too much. Back in May I tried to follow a diet called “military diet”, nicknamed “monitored fasting” by my boyfriend because the portions are so little one can almost say it’s like fasting. The goal of this diet is to follow a low-calorie eating regime for three days, then eat normally for the rest of the week. Then you start again. For the whole diet plan, you can check out the Military Diet website. Continue reading