Walnut cream pasta sauce

Creamy walnut pasta sauce recipe

When I want to impress my guests or just treat myself to a good meal I’ll pull a recipe from my Italian tradition. More than often, despite the aura of fancy that some Italian dishes have, they are easier to make than it may seem. Walnut cream pasta sauce is one of them. Served, it may look like the fanciest sauce ever. In reality, making it is actually pretty easy and requires only a bunch of ingredients that are also quite accessible. Continue reading

Creamy pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes

creamy pasta with cherry tomatoes

We Italians can be awfully picky eaters. We pride ourselves for coming from one of the places in the world with the best food, and then tend to forget that there’s a whole world out there that is not doing that bad when it comes to preparing food, after all. Sure, Italian food will forever be my favourite, but I think that keeping an open mind is something a few more Italians should consider doing.

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Home-made basil cashew pesto

Learning that home-made pesto is super easy to make was a life saver. As an Italian expat, among the things that I miss the most living abroad there is easily accessible quality Italian food. I’m not too picky and I will eat the mascarpone and the mozzarella that I can find here, but in Italy even the lowest priced brands of such products surpasses in quality what I find here.  One thing I am finding hard to buy where I live, for example, is good pesto. Continue reading

Fresh egg pasta

fresh home made egg pasta tagliatelle

When my parents were here, my mom and I embarked on the adventure of making some home-made fresh egg pasta. Since I don’t have a pasta machine, we did everything old school, rolling out the dough with a rollling pin, and then cutting the tagliatelle with a knife. Pasta dough is much harder than pizza dough, and even if my mom is an expert and makes fresh pasta quite often, the whole old-school rolling proved quite a workout. Continue reading