Vanilla butter biscuits

vanilla butter biscuits recipe

There was a time in my life when I was being paid to teach a bunch of kids how to cook. Best times ever. I believe in the power of creativity and I think that humans should be trained in the kitchen from an early age. One of the highlights of my days as a teacher was definitely making biscuits. I’d tell my pupils to bring cookie cutters to school the following week and nearly all of them complied. This is how looking forward to my lesson biscuits they were. Continue reading

Thick hot chocolate, Italian style

Italian style thick hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in Italy is serious business. Every café serves it and it’s always deliciously thick. Even if it’s made from a bag, you can always count on the fact that it’s thick. Lusciously thick. Even instant hot chocolate that you get at the grocery store, you make it at home and it’s thick. Italians like their hot chocolate thick. The level of thickness may vary, generally it is still runny enough to drink, but you may also get hot chocolate so thick you need to eat it with a spoon. Real thick hot chocolate.

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Gingerbread cake

I have this habit that whenever I’m abroad I like to visit local supermarkets. I equally like to have my guests have the same experience, so I often take people grocery shopping whenever someone visits me in Sweden. It’s my favourite way to get inspiration for the meals we are going to share, and it’s a good opportunity for them to get in touch with foods that might attract them but that I may not have at home. This is how I ended up making gingerbread cake recently. Continue reading

Double chocolate banana bread

double chocolate banana bread

Making banana bread can be a very good strategy to get rid of overly ripe bananas that had been forgotten or just neglected. There are people who will feed on all sorts of fruits whenever they find one within reach. Sadly, I belong to the other type – those who buy fruits, try to eat them regularly, then forget them in the fruit basket. Some fruits hold longer, and hopefully make it until the next time I feel like eating random fruits. Others will just sit and ripe and hope for the best. Continue reading

London fog

I discovered that Earl Grey tea with milk is called “London Fog” only a few months ago, when my friend Ania from Snowtoseas introduced it to me with that name. I’ve always been an appreciator of tea with milk, but never really delved into exploring the world of tea lattes much deeper. Apparently, I was missing out on a whole world of opportunities, London fog being one of them. After that moment, my tea with milk ritual got much more interesting. Continue reading

Allergy-friendly chocolate cupcakes (vegan and gluten free)

For the last week of school before the Christmas break I decided to treat my mentor class to some home-made chocolate cupcakes. This is a habit I’ve held dear ever since I started finding myself in a work environment, that is to say my intern days in Toronto. My first batch of Christmas cupcakes was crafted for my office mates one December day in Canada. More Christmas cupcakes have followed when I was working in another office in Poland, this time not as an intern but as an actual employee. It had become a real tradition that on the last week of work before Christmas I would treat my colleagues to cupcakes. Continue reading

Ischoklad: winter’s chocolate

Ischoklad is a chocolate praline that melts in your mouth like ice. An unexpected freshness surprises your senses as the chocolate makes its way to your stomach. This all must be experienced with a frosty Swedish winter landscape all around. Icy nature, icy chocolate. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a wintertime and Christmas favourite in the Swedish candy tradition, the ice chocolate praline known as ischoklad.
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Pizza with feta and zucchini

Despite being Italian, I have ventured into making home-made pizza only in my late twenties. I think the reason is partially found in the fact that living in Italy it is so much more convenient to get really delicious pizza from an actual pizzeria, also considering that most pizzerie in Italy have a stone oven with real fire. Which is, in my opinion, the key element to producing a real good pizza and not just an okay pizza. An electric oven will never deliver the same result, as delicious as it may turn out. Yes, I’m very conservative.

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Falafel burgers with halloumi and guacamole

falafel burgers halloumi guacamole

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Beef, chicken or vegetarian, I will never say no to one. As much as I enjoy burgers as street food, I also love making my own patties at home. Minced beef is my first ingredient of choice, but I like to alternate my diet and reduce my meat intake, so vegetarian options are becoming more and more popular in my house. I must admit that I am not crazy about “meat replacement” foods like soy burgers, and if I’m to eat vegetarian I’d rather go with something totally different from meat, also in terms of texture. Chickpeas, for example, to yield falafel burgers! Continue reading

Granola bars with honey and raisins

Around this time of the year three things happen: days get dramatically shorter, I turn one year older, and I tend to disappear from this blog. There is little I can do about the first two, but I see that even the third issue is starting to become a pattern. My excuse last year was that I had been newly hired and the first month at my new job had been beyond busy. One year from then, it seems that at the end of October things start to get crazy busy again at work. It must be connected with the sudden lack of sunlight (or with myself getting older). Continue reading