Lemon lavender cake loaf

Lemon lavender cake is an excellent treat in anticipation of summer. Think a zesty loaf with a subtle lavender scent. The amount of lavender in a cake can vary, but I believe in not overdoing it. Personally, I like the scent of lavender to stay in the background, just to intensify the overall flavour of the cake. But I don’t enjoy sweets that are made with only lavender. A total lavender cake smells too much like laundry soap to me. This is why I decided to pair lavender with lemon to make this lovely lemon lavender loaf. Continue reading

Bite-sized lamingtons

Lamingtons are a type of Australian sweet treat made of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes. In my family, we’ve mistakenly been calling them kokosanki, which translates as something like “coconut treats”, ever since. Wrong. Real Polish kokosanki are a type of coconut macaroon, and you can get a recipe for real kokosanki here. Why in my family do lamingtons go by a wrong name? No idea.

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Stracciatella yoghurt Bundt cake

Honesty talk – how do you think a 1 Kilo tub of stracciatella yoghurt ended up in my fridge? Answer: because it was close to its expiry date and therefore 30% cheaper. I decided to take it home and it proved just perfect for breakfast for two for three days, plus two cakes. This is how you invest on food and find motivation to make the softest stracciatella yoghurt Bundt cake. Twice. One on Wednesday and one on Saturday because you can never get enough of stracciatella yoghurt cake. Continue reading


Sweden is fattening me up. Ever since my first winter here, when in autumn nature dims the lights, my body starts demanding more food and I put up a couple of kilos. Then in the spring it’s all about getting rid of that winter fat. I must admit that I succeed pretty well at that, and the fact that in the spring I start biking everywhere again certainly helps. What does not help is the amount of delicious cakes and the overall fika culture that Sweden boasts. Continue reading

New York style cheesecake

Baked cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts. The first version I have tried in my life is the Polish sernik, often made by my mom (in Italy with ricotta cheese). The Polish version of the cake, at least in the area where my family is from, often features raisins inside; a more appreciated (by me) variant is with pieces of canned peaches in the filling. I personally prefer it “bare” – just cheese. My favourite version is definitely the cream cheese-based American variant, also known as New York style cheesecake.

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Sachertorte, my Viennese challenge

It was the spring of 2012, a bunch of lovely warm and sunny April days, and I was finally visiting the capital of Austria with my parents. Together we had crossed Austria at least thirty times before, while travelling from Italy to Poland by car, but had never stopped to explore Vienna. Then cheap airlines happened and we kind of stopped travelling to Poland by car, so the occasion never arose until we decided to drive again in 2012. I said I’d go only if we finally made a proper stopover in Vienna. Continue reading

Cinnamon sweet bread loaf

What’s not to love about cinnamon buns? They’re the best! The wicked combination of cinnamon, butter and a yeast dough, and then all the icing one can add, and their smell when they come straight out of the oven… Oh I could write a whole post about my love for freshly baked cinnamon buns. Now imagine the same buttery smell, that decadent cinnamon filling, and picture this all in a loaf. A cinnamon sweet bread loaf, aka cinnamon buns baked in a loaf pan, aka a sweet bread loaf that tastes cinnamon buns. Need I say more?
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A belated anniversary hazelnut cake

ferrero rocher hazelnut cake

This blog was started on July 19, 2015. One year later, on the same day, I was too busy travelling back to Sweden to celebrate Electric Blue Food’s first year. July 19 is also a day that I usually spend baking, as it also happens to be my boyfriend’s birthday (the fact that I started blogging on his birthday was absolutely random). Again, spending the day on the road, I didn’t get to bake and ended up procrastinating also his birthday cake, along with the anniversary blog post. I know, bad me. Continue reading

Simple strawberry cake

simple strawberry cake

I am back in Italy, enjoying my summer vacations. I’m back where I started this blog one year ago – WordPress was reminding me that it’s been a year since this account was created. I’ll be celebrating one year since my first post sometime in July, but the blog was started a few weeks before I began writing; a few weeks in which I was trying to figure out the layout, menus, post categories and other stuff. Then, in the middle of my vacation, I started posting and the blog went officially live. Continue reading

Raspberry no-bake cheesecake

School is finally over and I am currently anticipating the long summer vacations I’ve earned and deserve after working for over seven months as a teacher. I have enjoyed immensely every moment of it, but I must confess that a creeping sense of tiredness has been seriously building up in the last few months, leaving me with a greater than ever appetite for time off. My two-month leave will start next week, I’m leaving for Italy in less than 10 days and right now I’m trying to make the most of the beautiful Swedish summer before I leave for a month. Today, for example, I went flower picking. Continue reading