Brown lemonade

“Lemonade can’t be brown!” was the comment I got when I lay on the table a jug full of my newest lemonade. That, and a puzzled look on the face. “But it features muscovado sugar…”, was my reply. Indeed, the beverage looked more like a fancy attempt to revive old coca cola gone flat, rather than a regular lemonade. But why does lemonade have to be yellow? I mean, it can be pink, too, right? So why not brown? Again, it has awesome brown sugar in it!

We all like a sweet soft drink, but commercial soft drinks are sadly renown for being not so healthy. Swapping a can of any soft drink with a glass of plain water is much better for your health, but I understand there are situations in which a sugary drink is the choice, like when you want to offer your guests something nice to drink. This is when we should consider home-made lemonade. Sure, lemonade features sugar, but in much smaller proportions than any soda. Plus, some freshly squeezed lemon juice is good for you. It’s a natural source of vitamin C and it’s a raw ingredient – no artificial flavours, 100% pure lemon, no lies. You squeezed it yourself, you’re not being fooled by anyone. So how can we make this as healthy as possible still not compromising the wish for something sweet? Brown sugar can be the answer.

Even brown sugar is processed, therefore not completely optimal for you, but it is still less processed than white sugar. Brown sugar will be our little sin here. The thing about brown sugar (light muscovado, in this recipe) is also that it generally has a nice caramel flavour and, of course, a brown tone that will be transferred to your drink.

Making it a brown lemonade.

Brown lemonade:

  • 600 ml water
  • 2 lemons
  • 50 g light muscovado sugar
  • ice cubes

Pour 500 ml of water in a jug and 100 ml in a pot. Add the muscovado sugar to the pot and set it on the stove in order to properly melt the sugar. Stir and remove from the heat when melted. Set aside to cool. Squeeze two lemons and strain the juice in order to separate the juice from the pulp (and seeds). I used two fairly large lemons and had 150 ml of juice from them. Add the filtered juice to the jug. Lastly, add the melted sugar mixture and stir well. The final yield should be approximately 750 ml.brown sugar lemonade Keep your lemonade refrigerated and serve with ice cubes for some extra chill. Using muscovado sugar this lemonade will surprise you with a hint of molasses, thus making it a little more special than your regular lemonade. Not to mention the colour, which almost resembles ice tea. But it’s not. It’s still as tasty and refreshing as you’d expect it to be.brown sugar lemonadebrown sugar lemonadeWhen offering adult guests this drink, one can always spice things up and use this lemonade as an excellent base for a nice home-made alcoholic drink. Add a shot of plain vodka to a glass of brown lemonade and you will have a lovely treat for your aperitivo time. I’m already feeling like having one out on the porch on a typical long Swedish summer day. Cheers!

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  1. Eleonora S April 26, 2017 at 21:11

    Mmm, una buona e sfiziosa alternativa al mio amato tè invernale.
    Vedo che oltre l’Islanda abbiamo anche la passione per il cibo e la food photography! 😀

    1. Eva April 26, 2017 at 21:14

      E per il tè 😀 piacere di averti trovata!

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